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Pleasure Plus Condoms from

Rated #1 by independent tests. The Pleasure Plus condom has a large, loose pouch of additional ribbed latex, positioned near the head and underside of the condom.  During sex, the extra latex slides back and forth against the very sensitive underside of the penis. This is the key to the Pleasure Plus condoms. The moving latex restores the stimulation essential to sexual pleasure for both men and women! The Pleasure Plus condom is a winner of Rip n Roll's Top 10 Best of the Best condoms.
"Best of the Best" condoms winner!
Pleasure Plus Condoms

Pleasure Plus Pleasure enhancing Lubricated condoms from Global

12 pack $13.95

What is the Pleasure Plus condom?
The Pleasure Plus Difference

The reduction of sexual pleasure is the #1 reason people don't like condoms. Pleasure Plus is the new condom which eliminates this objection, actually making safer sex as pleasurable as unprotected sex.

The time has come for Pleasure Plus to start a whole new sexual revolution

The Pleasure Plus difference - Proven in independent clinical tests.

An independent, clinical study performed at the Emory University School of medicine compared the acceptability of 
Pleasure Plus condoms to Trojan-Enz, America's leading brand.

Quotes from Study Participants
MEN - "Pleasure Plus felt like having nothing on - make more of them."

"The next best thing to skin and real intercourse."

"Pleasure Plus condoms were the best I ever tried. I hate condoms, and I like this one. Pleasure Plus is not like other condoms - they are thinner."

WOMEN - "The stimulation was even greater than without a condom. I usually do not like condoms, but I like this one."

"If it comes to market I would buy it - it felt like nothing on."

"Intercourse is intercourse, but with Pleasure Plus it is a little something extra."

Study Results

Among frequent condom users, 89% of both women and men preferred the Pleasure Plus. Five women even reported the Pleasure Plus provided them more stimulation than when using no condom at all!

Proven in Media Reviews

"All that rubbing was the next best thing to skin on skin-for me and my partner.  A must-try.  Sensitivity rating: A+" --Men's Health

"First place in my search for the best-feeling condom.   Yeah, I like it.  My girlfriend says she, too, is thoroughly satisfied.   Rating: 9 out of a possible 10." --Men's Fitness

"I ordinarily dislike condoms so much I once ripped one off during sex.  These were much more pleasurable." -- Glamour

"Now comes the Pleasure Plus, a baggier condom that's winning oohs and aahs from both men and women.  The Pleasure Plus's pouch bunches up during sex and tickles the ultra sensitive areas of the male." --GQ

"With my (Pleasure Plus) on, things felt surprisingly good.  In fact, too good.  For a while I could swear the thing had broken and I was feeling skin against skin.  But it turned out I was dead wrong - the Pleasure Plus was all there, in one piece.  My girlfriend likes it far better than anything else we've used.  To me, it's like having sex without a condom - dare I say, maybe even better than the real thing." -- Los Angeles Reader

"The Pleasure Plus is to condoms what the '57 Chevy was to automobiles - a triumph of excess." -- New York Time Magazine

"Pleasure Plus received the highest rating for sensitivity from every panelist. J., the hater of condoms, said Pleasure Plus was 'a lot of fun to play with' and 'the most I've ever felt with a condom'." -- San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Now you can have safe sex and like it too." -- Detroit News

Why don't you try feeling the difference.
Make your purchase of Pleasure Plus here

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