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Turn any condom into a thrilling vibrating condom with the ring that vibrates!

Vibrating condom rings are the new big hit on the safer sex market. and the Zing Ring is the best vibrating condom ring to hit the US market. The Zing-Ring Vibrating Ring / Erection Ring is designed to fit securely at the base of any condom to enhance sexual arousal with fun vibrations. Our vibrating ring also has a built in clitoral stimulator. Zing-Ring's strong vibrations provide exciting stimulation for both partners. The Zing-Ring runs for up to 30 minutes and is recommended for one to two uses. Our vibrating condom ring can be turned on or off at any time and is powered by a watch battery that is safely enclosed with a soft silicone shell. The Zing-Ring vibrating ring can be used with or without any of your favorite condoms. Along with added pleasure for both partners, the vibrating condom ring has also been shown to prolong erections and help lengthen sexual fun.

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