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Durex Play Luna Personal Massager

Durex Play Luna is both a powerful and versatile personal massager for use all over your body. Smooth and slow. For shared massage and foreplay, you can also use it on your own! Roll the smooth, spherical pad all over your body to relax muscles or tease sensitive areas; Building from the subtle to intense, its deep vibration can relax your tense muscles or rest it against your sensitive parts for more direct stimulation. Made by Durex, a leading global brand, with over 75 years of quality experience in the sexual health field.

  • massager designed for all-over body massage
  • soft spherical massage pad
  • perfect for use with a partner
  • 3 speeds and a pulse mode for your choice of sensation
  • rechargeable, no batteries needed (when it runs out just plug it in)
  • made from high quality materials
  • 1 year guarantee from SSL Americas
  • includes massager, charger, soft storage pouch and information booklet


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