Sustain Comfort Fit Condoms

Sustain Comfort Condoms are one of the only all natural latex condoms with a comfort fit shape. Allowing freedom of movement and a more natural feel for those that don't like a form fitting shape, these condoms have a snug base and wider head. The condoms gently flare out from the base to head, increasing in width the entire length of the condom. FDA approved for pregnancy and disease prevention.

These condoms are free of nitrosamines, dyes and fragrances. They are sustainably produced, Fair Trade and Vegan Certified. And, they’re individually electronically tested to ensure safety. You can feel good about buying from Sustain. This company supports rubber plantations that keep toxins out of the environment. They also pay fair wages and do not rely on child labor. Ten percent of their profits support women’s health care, and their packaging is sustainable. Their products are not tested on animals.

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