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Now Go Get Your Goat

At America's Condoms SuperStore, we love to give away Free-Stuff and every so often we will run our "Find The Goat" Contest.

Look thru our site and if you find where our Goat is tied up, just click on him and a $50 Gift Certificate will be added to your cart, simple as that! The Goat image will change at random times and random pages throughout our entire website, kind of like a cloaking Goat of sorts.

***A Winning Gift Certificate can only be used for website products and is not redeemable for cash value. One Goat find per customer, multiple Free Certificates will not be added if you find our "Goat"

Once the Goat is clicked on, You will be asked to enter your email address. Once entered, the Goat will disappear to another page. This is done so Friends don't tell Friends where our Goat is tied up.


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