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Sexual Education through articles, facts and resources on safer sex issues. Sexual Health discussed in depth.

Through safe sex education and the promotion of sexually responsible behavior (along with the correct use of condoms) as a society, we can help reduce the spread of HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. STD prevention is one of THE top priorities at

Customers are constantly asking us questions like, "What condoms are the best to buy? What condoms protect against STD's? Are all condoms effective against pregnancy? Why do condoms break?" and on and on.

We strive to take the awkwardness out of sexual health discussions by turning sex education into a fun learning experience. There should be no stigmas when dealing literally with life and death decisions. The more educated, comfortable and open the world is about safe sex education, std prevention and condom use -- the healthier our society will be. The end definitely justifies the means.

Government report on condoms stresses abstinence - we do not agree

by RipNRoll Condoms May 29, 2010

Abstinence is great but it does not always work and when the morals break down there is only one thing left, condoms! By Steve Sternberg, USA TODAY A draft government report on the effectiveness of condoms says there's "insufficient" evidence to say that they guard against sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, other than HIV and gonorrhea in men. Critics fear that Bush administration will use the report, obtained Thursday by USA TODAY, to bolster its support for federally funded "abstinence only" sexual education programs, which restrict schools from teaching children about other methods of protection. Last month, Secretary of Health...

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Ex-surgeon general states - Condoms, not promises, help teens

by RipNRoll Condoms May 29, 2010

AUSTIN — Former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders on Monday said condoms are more likely to protect teens against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy than vows of abstinence. "Many of our children don't use condoms because we don't teach them about condoms," she said. "Our government tells them that condoms will break. I always say, the vows of abstinence break far more easily than latex condoms." The 74-year-old pediatrician said the best place for children to get information about sexual health is from their parents. She spoke outside a bus sponsored by condom manufacturer Trojan. The bus was at an...

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