Our Selection of Non Lubricated, Non Lubed, Lube Free condom styles we carry

Welcome to the Non Lubricated condoms store land of zero lubrication. Dry condoms (unlubricated condoms) can be fun when you add a little flavored lubricant. If you prefer your condom dry and with a twist, the non lubricated condom page is the page for you.

Are Non Lubricated Condoms Safe? 

The below lube free condoms are all FDA approved for pregnancy and disease prevention. Non Lubricated condoms are manufactured to the same FDA safety standards as lubricated condoms, they just bypass the lubrication process during production. If you are using lube free condoms for intercourse, it is however recommended to add a drop of condom safe lubricant to the inside and out of the condom to decrease friction/heat which in turn decreases the chance of breakage. 

There are Several different Non Lubricated condom uses.

 Dry, lube free condoms are also used for a variety of things outside of the bedroom including Ultrasound covers, Microphone protectors, Rifle covers, wireless batterypack covers, bodypack sweat protectors and the list goes on.

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