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"Be amazing to the customers you have, they will bring the customers you want"


  "In the age of fly-by-night web shops, brand stability, honesty and longevity are paramount".  We have an A+ plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. Since 1996, we have been proud members of the West Florida Business community and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Click here to see our BBB Profile. 

Condom Store - Rip n RollWe put our customers and their needs before all else. In an industry driven by price, we believe there is more to relationships than just a price tag. Since 1996 RipnRoll has excelled in providing the best customer care and satisfaction and to that, we've built relationships defined by honesty and trust. Our Customers and clients know we're working for them and their best interests. We're not only in the business of keeping our customers safe, we're in the business of building long term alliances.

Selling Condoms Online for 20 years

The Rip n Roll condom company is a Florida based corporation founded in 1996 by four friends. Today, viewed worldwide as a critically acclaimed Condom Company, Rip n Roll® presents a non-pornographic approach to safety, sex education and guidance. The online condom store features hundreds of cool products for safe sex, loads of info, links and secure online ordering all Rolled into a fun, clean, upbeat atmosphere. The website was designed to be safe for all viewers and privacy and customer satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. Since 1996 Rip n Roll has been actively communicating its ideas about condom promotion and safe sex education to the public as well as health educators, hospitals, Universities and the like. We continue to make sexual safety accessible and attainable through a clean, healthy and educational shopping experience. Never will you find anything obscene or offensive at Rip n Roll®. We take pride in our bright, clean, upbeat attitude as well as a customer relation's commitment that won’t let you down. We actually do answer the phones. Rip n Roll's ultimate goal will be to help put an end to unwanted pregnancies and help stamp out sexually transmitted diseases through the promotion of responsible sexual behavior and the correct use of condoms. Meanwhile we are taking the awkwardness out of safer sex discussion by turning it into a fun and even romantic affair. The more educated, comfortable and open to discussion the world is to safer sex and condom issues, the healthier our society will ultimately be. The end definitely justifies the means.


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If you or someone you know is having unprotected sex, it puts everyone at risk. Please browse through our website and educate yourself and please tell your friends. You could actually save someone's life.


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