Wink Condoms are made by nearly 100-year old Okamoto Industries Inc., one of the largest and leading manufacturers of premium natural latex products in the world. In fact, They've quietly been making condoms for some of the most well-known condom brands for decades. 
Wink condoms are created to help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and STI’s, and they don’t take it lightly. Every condom they make is electronically tested so we can be sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it’s safe for use.
But their testing doesn’t stop there. Wink measures strength - We fill our condoms with water, lots of it, to test for flexibility, softness and strength. A Wink condom can hold more than a cup of liquid. And durability, we inflate our condoms with air, nearly two car tires worth, to ensure that each one is durable, even under extreme conditions. - a Wink condom can withstand over 18 litres of air, nearly twice what’s in your car tire. Wink condoms are also filtered through an intense electrical field, a high tech way of ensuring there are no holes or imperfections.
We’re proud to say we meet the highest condom testing standards in the world.
The rest of the condom industry attempts to sell sex. We see things a little differently. We’re here to make the thinnest, strongest, softest, highest quality, most comfortable condoms we can. The sex, we’ll leave to you.

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