Condom Brands - Overview - Updated 2024

In today's fast paced world of "get it now" instant gratification, many people don't take the time to research the many different condom brands on the market and they tend to usually just grab the first condom that looks familiar or has cool brand packaging. What many people don't realize is that there are many new brands that are just as good if not better than those old trusted or top selling condom brands like Trojan, Durex and Lifestyles.

New and Different Condom Brands

We want to help introduce new, less recognized condom brands like Crown, Beyond Seven, ONE, Trustex, Ria and many others we feel are the best condom brands on the market. Just because a company has a huge advertising budget doesn't necessarily make their product any better than a company who does little advertising at all.

Recognized Name Brand Condoms Overview

RipNRoll has been selling Brand Name Condoms like Trojan, Durex and Lifestyles online for over 20 years and we have seen many other brands come and go over those years. Below we have an updated overview of what we feel are the best brand condoms on the market today. You might find your favorite already on this list and you might even find a new brand you didn't know existed. All in all, the below condom brands are good quality FDA approved condoms that have been stamped with our seal of approval.


Atlas Condoms

Atlas Condoms are an inexpensive condom brand from the Maunufacturer Global Protection Corp. For over a decade Altlas Brand Condoms have been a favorite condom for Health Cares, Hospitals, Women's Centers and Universities due to their good quality and low price. 

Beyond Seven Condoms

By Okamoto Brand condoms, Beyond Seven with "Sheerlon" are some of the thinnest and most sensitive condoms in the world and are manufactured in Japan.

Caution Wear Condoms

Caution Wear condoms featuring one of the favorite snugger fit condom brands the "Iron Grip condom"

Crown Condoms

This is probably our most sensitive condom we sell. It feels like there is no second skin hence the "Skinless Skin" title appropriately given. Crown condoms are a favorite of almost anyone who tries them. A favorite, "Best Selling Brand" for over 20 years here at RipNRoll.

Durex Condoms

The Durex Name was derived from the words “Durability, Reliability, Excellence,”  It is thru this dedication that Durex has become one of the most requested condom brands of all time. With many years and countless styles under their belt, Durex has maintained a strong following in the condom industry. Also known as Mates condoms overseas.

Fantasy Condoms

Now a part of the Trustex Line of condoms, Fantasy brand is another good quality inexpensive condom brand manufactured to quality standards that continually meets or exceeds all standard testing procedures set forth by the FDA.

Female Condoms

The only alternative for a woman to maintain control of the condom. Female condoms give a woman more control when she needs it.

Kimono Condoms

A world leader in condom technology, Kimono Brand Condoms come in as a strong leader when it comes to quality and feel of a condom. A Japanese brand condom known for its "Mirco-Thin" condoms

LifeStyles Condoms

Lifestyles Brand latex condoms are tested more than three times to ensure they meet U.S. testing requirements and provide you with a highly reliable product. This brand is in the top 3 most recognized brands in the world.

Lixx Dental Dams

We included dental dams in this overview as most people are unaware they are a barrier used for Oral Sex, these ultra thin latex sheets come in 5 scented flavors including vanilla, strawberry, mint, banana and grape.

Magnum Condoms

Magnum condoms are the most well known large condoms sold online. The entire generous line of Trojan Magnum condoms is included in the Magnum Condoms as well as several other larger condoms including Lifestyle KyngOne Legend and Durex XXL condoms. A Magnum is full tailored for the larger size market. If you are above average in size, the MAGNUM CONDOM line is surely a hefty fit for you.

Night Light Condoms

The Original Glow-in-the-dark condoms, hold it up to a light and watch it glow for hours. This condom is now part of the ONE condom Brand team.

Okamoto Condoms

A Japanese brand condom known for it's sensitivity and performance. One of the most sensitive condoms we sell. Okamoto is well known for making some of the thinnest yet strongest condom on the market today.

ONE Brand

A cutting edge condom company with a pulse on the condom industry. Each style of ONE condoms features many different themes and designs that are constantly changing, so everyone will find at least one condom they love. A favorite condom brand here at RipNRoll.

Pleasure Plus Condoms

The Pleasure Plus condom is part of the ONE Brand of condoms. This is the condom that by and large kicked of the brands huge popularity and recognition in the condom indusrty. The Pleasure Plus condom has a large, loose pouch of additional ribbed latex, positioned near the head and underside of the condom.

Ria Condoms

Manufactured by Line One Labs the same company that brings us Trustex Flavored condoms

RipnRoll Condoms / Funny Condoms

More funny sayings and slogans from America's Condom Superstore. All condoms are manufactured to quality FDA standards and meet or exceed all standard testing procedures

Rough Rider Condoms

The original ribbed and studded condom, a long time favorite of condom users. This brand has been around for a long time and is pretty well recognized.

Skyn Condoms

Not just another condom, Skyn are the latest in condom technology for a truly intimate sexual experience. Introducing the new non-latex Polyisoprene "SKYN" condoms. Perfect for Latex Sensitive condom users.

Sustain Condoms

From tampons, to condoms, to lubricants, most products contain harmful ingredients that can harm your body rather than help it. Sustain is committed to always putting your health first, which means Sustain condoms are better, safer, and more vagina-friendly than traditional brands. Bonus points for being better for Mother Earth as well.

Trojan Brand Condoms

A name everyone is familiar due to in part by huge advertising campaigns. Trojan Condoms are the most popular condom brand on the planet and known as America's most trusted condom brand for almost 100 years.

Trustex Brand Condoms

Trustex is a popular brand with health care companies. The Trustex brand was recently purchased by Global Protection Corp. Trustex is famous for their flavored condoms that feature seven unique flavors including vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana, grape, mint and cola flavored

WINK Condoms

Wink Condoms are made by nearly 100-year old Okamoto Industries Inc., one of the largest and leading manufacturers of premium natural latex products in the world. In fact, They've quietly been making condoms for some of the most well-known condom brands for decades. 


Well there you have it, our overview of the condom brands new and old that we feel are the top brands in the industry. If you feel we left out a notable condom brand, shoot us an email and tell us why you feel the brand deserves recognition.

~ The RipNRoll Team


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