NEW Trojan Nirvana Condoms

Trojan Nirvana condoms featuring original artwork by Ari Lankin

The new Trojan Nirvana condoms are a unique condom assortment featuring original artwork by renowned artist Ari Lanki. Ari's  paintings are spontaneous and he says that the energy around him for the Trojan painting was electric.

Trojan Nirvana unlocks a creative world of pleasure with a collection of different Trojan condoms, each offering a variety of sensations to explore and find your pleasure. 

The 10 pack Nirvana Box includes 10 condoms in 4 different styles

  • REAL (4): Smooth pleasure with silky lubricant for those special intimate moments
  • BOLD (2): Stimulating textures for an unpredictable experience with deep ribs for enhanced pleasure
  • AMPLIFIED (2): A wild ride created by warming and tingling sensations for both partners
  • BREATHLESS (2): Long lasting lubrication for uninterrupted pleasure all night long

The 4 pack includes 1 each of 4 different Nirvana condoms.

The 1 condom sample will be only 1 condom, not four or 10.

Each Nirvana condom is tested to US FDA Standards and is safe to use for pregnancy and disease prevention. These condoms were designed with safety in mind.

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