Climax too soon, climax before you even get started? No problem! Our climax control condoms will help you out.

It may just be that your girl is the most smoking hot thing on the planet or maybe it's just been a real real long time since you had some. Whatever the case, if you are here at this page and reading this...don't worry we can help.

The Control is in the lubricant

The ingredient that makes this work is Benzocaine, a numbing agent that desensitizes the area it is applied to. The theory is that "if you can't feel it, you can prolong it" We recommend climax control condoms for situations where the user needs a little extra help in the delay factor. 

Climax control condoms are surely the answer you've been looking for. A little numbing of your other brain and you will be good to go for hours. Try a climax control gel as well, you may need a double whammy to get you through. Free shipping on all climax control condoms when you buy online.



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