Latex Louie Condoms -

Latex Louie Condoms Large, lubed & FDA approved

Latex Louie condoms - Large and Lubed for the serious lover. Latex Louies are longer, stronger and wider than average condoms and Lubricated with a silky smooth lubricant for enhanced pleasure for both partners. Louies come with a reservoir tip for added protection. FDA approved for disease and pregnancy prevention. Open a pack of Louies and she'll know you mean business! 

"Since their debut in 2004, Latex Louies have been a favorite among college students and condom collectors around the world. Even today, Louies continue to be one of the most requested and sought after condoms at Rip n Roll.

Latex Louies voted #1 in recent non-clinical study

100 men were asked: “If you were given the opportunity, would you rather:
A) Go to Work?
B) Go to School?
C) Go to the Grocery?
D) Go to the Dentist?
E) Go have sex with a beautiful girl while using a Latex Louie condom?

All men surveyed overwhelmingly chose (E) - to use a Latex Louie condom!

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