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Did you know lack of lubrication is the #1 reason that condoms break?

Lubricating a condom before sexual activity greatly decreases its chance of breakage. It's True, studies have shown that as little as 1 drop of lubricant placed on the inside of the condom before it is rolled on as well as a drop on the outside, can decrease the chance of friction and breakage.

Our favorite Lubricants we feel are the best.

While there may be thousands of lubricants on the market, it can get overwhelming trying to sort out all of the different brands. We have chosen  to sell only what we feel are some of the best lubes on the market today. We have a wide variety of flavored, silicone, water-based, warming, natural and parabin free lubes to help keep you slipping and sliding your way to safer sex. All of our lubes are safe to use with latex and non latex condoms, a little extra ease of mind while shopping.

The different types of Sexual Lubricants, Personal Lubricants, Oils and Lotions.

As stated above, there are several types and styles of sexual Lubricants so to make it easier we have categorized the different types below.

Water Based Lubricants - Silicone Based Lubricants - Flavored Lubricants - Warming Lubricants - Glycerine & Paraben Free Lubricants - Natural Lubricants - Climax Control Lubricants


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