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Lifestyles Thyn Condoms 21% Thinner, lubricated with UltraGlide Lubricant

Thynner than Lifestyles standard condoms by 21%! Made with more UltraGlide Lubricant, these THYN condoms won't dry out and have a comfort shape.

  • Long-lasting ultraGlide lubricant enhances the experience!
  • Promotes more sensitivity yet offers the same safety as our standard condoms.
  • Reservoir tip offers extra safety and comfort.
  • Next-to-nothing feel!
  • Low Latex Scent.
LifeStyles unique, comfortable, stretchable latex and scientifically engineered condom shapes offer the safe, ultra sensual experience you've been looking for.

Category: Thin Condoms

Type: Thin Condoms

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