Best Tasting Flavored Condoms, Skyn Cocktail Club

Voted "best tasting flavored condoms" by the RipNRoll staff

Lifestyles SKYN Cocktail Club condoms are new non-latex "Flavored and scented" condoms inspired by the famous cocktail drinks Piña Colada, Cherry Sunrise and Passion Daiquiri.

The SKYNFEEL material in this condom is a winner. A thin, soft and comfortable feel with incredible sensitivity. Made from a Synthetic manufactured Polyisoprene material, this revolutionary NEW Non-Latex material allows you and your partner to virtually feel everything.

Adding flavors to this already awesome condom makes Skyn Flavored condoms even more fun in the bedroom. These flavors actually taste better than other flavored condoms because there is no latex smell to hide, one of the many factors earning it the Best Flavored Condom award from the RipNRoll Staff. The only Flavored Non-Latex condoms.

The Closest Thing to Wearing Nothing! This condom is perfect for Latex sensitive condom users. 

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