We stock a wide variety of Vegan Condoms to buy online today.

Vegan condoms are growing in popularity faster than many other condoms on the market today. If you're a true animal lover, then Vegan condoms are for you.  Even with all of their Greenpeace rallies, Peta protests and animal rights meetings, animal lovers still need to have sex right? Just make sure they use Vegan Condoms.

Some latex condoms contain casein, which is a product made from curdled milk. Really, believe it or not it's true and it’s a bit gross (we don’t think further explanation is needed here). You’re all responsible and compassionate so why not combine those great qualities to help animals by practicing safe sex with a vegan condom? After all, it’s super-creepy to think that actual live animals were harmed for … you know,....your lovemaking. 

The Below condoms are Vegan friendly - no animal or milk proteins they are casein-free. People who are vegan conscious will be happy with the condoms on this page 

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