Counterfeit Condoms - PSA - Consumers Beware!

Counterfeit condoms Plague China and the Internet

Counterfeit Condoms

- February 26, 2018

Counterfeit condoms / fake knock-offs are no laughing matter when it comes to your health and the safety of your partner. Since 1996 has shipped countless millions of condoms worldwide and for over 2 decades we have always guaranteed our customers 100% Genuine, authentic goods. It is extremely important to know who and where you are buying your condoms from.

When Rip n Roll began selling condoms online almost 25 years ago, there was only a handful of condom retailers, since then the market has become over-saturated by "basement dwellers and garbage sellers" as we like to call them. There are too many shady sources of condoms online to be sure you are buying real condoms and not fake "NON Regulated" condoms.  Are the condoms you're buying really FDA Approved condoms? You sure about that? You might find cheaper condoms on those mass retail sites but is saving a few cents really worth risking your life or an unwanted pregnancy? We think NOT!


"Know who you are buying from when purchasing condoms online from the big Mass Retail Outlets!"

Many people that sell condoms through sites like AMAZON, EBAY and others, are not familiar or educated in the retail sales of condoms. Some are only looking for profit and care nothing about their customers or who they buy their condoms from. Many know absolutely nothing about condoms and only care about finding the cheapest deal so they can turn a quick profit... those cheap deals they find are sometimes counterfeit condoms from China and NOT FDA approved condoms


Counterfeit Condoms - Dirty sex: massive production of counterfeit condoms shocks Chinese consumers

- January 5th 2018 - Global News

"According to a recent investigative report, more than 5 million yuan in counterfeit, big brand-name condoms have been sold across China through online shopping platforms like and those run by Alibaba.

In the report, the Xinhua reporter describes the conditions at one of these underground factories where the fake condoms are made. Calling the room “overflowing with sewage,” the reporter says that the condoms are manufactured without any sort of sterilization procedures and with low-quality materials. Afterward, they are packaged up and labeled with brand names like Durex, Okamoto, and Jissbon before being shipped out to unsuspecting customers."


Not the first time Counterfeit Condoms were found.

Millions of counterfeit condoms were discovered in Shanghai in 2015, in Jiangxi in 2014, and in Fujian in 2013. In March of 2017, US authorities seized thousands of fake condoms in Puerto Rico that were made by Chinese manufacturers. - Global Times Source



Please Know your source!

No Counterfeit Condoms Here

Rip n Roll buys condoms direct from manufacturers and we know for a fact our condoms are fresh, not old or expired, FDA approved and certified Authentic. We care about our customers and your safety. It is for this reason we offer 100% guarantees on all of our products. All of our products are fresh with new expiration dates. We rotate our inventory regularly with new products, we have to! Nothing stays on the shelves long enough to get old. We sell NO fake condoms and we sell no condoms from China PERIOD!

Please do your research and remember you do get what you pay for especially when it comes to internet products. You want to buy cheap, you're gonna get cheap! Know your source when your health and safety is on the line. You don't want someone on Ebay to install your car brakes just like you don't want to buy condoms covered in raw sewage sold from someones basement, bedroom or garage.

Thanks for visiting Rip n Roll!  We welcome you as a new customer and we look forward to showing you our world-class products and outstanding customer service and support.



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