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12 Condoms Donated to charity for every order made at Rip n Roll

Charitable Donations Project

Order From America's condom superstore and we will donate 12 free condoms on your behalf to a needy charity or organization. For years, since 1996, RipnRoll would give away free condoms with every order, we were known as "The Home of 12 Free Condoms".  In July 2016, after a customer survey of almost 1200 customers, most customers agreed the 12 condoms would be better used if given away to a deserving Non-Profit, charity or needy organization.

In a day and age of "going green" and "helping others", we decided to take the opportunity given to us to make a difference. Every customer who places an order at Rip n Roll will automatically donate 12 free condoms to the "Charitable Donations Project". Each year RipnRoll will donate the total number of condoms donated to a charity of our choice.

If you would like to be considered for our "Charitable Donations Project" please email with your organizations name and the reason you feel deserving of a condom donation. What will you use the condoms for and how will they be given to needy people.

If you are a Health Care, Non-Profit,  Hospital, Women's Center,  or Military base, send us an email to be considered for our Free Charitable Donations Project. We give away tens of thousands of condoms each year to worthy causes - 





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