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Press Printed Foil Wrapper Condoms. The Business card no one throws away!

This printing is directly on the foil wrapper and NOT a sticker or label. 

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Email your logo and we'll do the rest. We will re-size your image and email you a sample showing you how your job could look. Email your art to  (jpg, pdf, png, ai,  eps, files preferred) Still have questions? Call us at 1-888-747-6765 Super Fast Production time

Have questions? Call us at 1-888-747-6765

We have discovered a new state of the art printing process that now allows you to print directly on the face of the foil wrapper condoms in small quantities while the condoms are being produced . In the past, customers who wanted Foil printed condoms needed to buy large quantities of 10,000 condoms or more, because they had to be printed and manufactured overseas. NOT ANY MORE! Now we can produce professional printed custom foil wrappers in quantities as low as 50 pieces and it can be done in less than a week. The print quality is unsurpassed. These foil condoms are FDA Approved for disease and pregnancy protection, have all lot numbers, health advisories and expiration dates on the back of each condom. The condoms all have a 5 year expiration date

Rip n Roll is extremely excited to offer this new product in 2016 and we are certain that this will be the new "Standard"  in foil wrapper condoms.

**Base Pricing includes a standard non-colored Natural lubricated condom and White Foil face and a clear film back.

**We don't print on the back of the condoms as all condoms are FDA approved for pregnancy and disease prevention
and already have the expiration dates, Lot numbers and health advisories clearly printed on the back of each condom.

Non Standard Upcharges 

*Colored Condoms (500 piece minimum) - with our Direct Press Printed Foil there is an upcharge of $0.05 cents per condom for colored condoms (upcharge condom colors include red, green, blue, yellow, pink and black)

**Colored Foil (500 Piece minimum) - with our Direct Print Foil we offer colored Foil face this is an upcharge of $0.05 cents per condom (upcharge foil colors include red, gold and black) We also offer colored Foil back at an upcharge of $0.05 cents per condom (upcharge foil colors include red, gold and black)

 Still have questions? Call us at 1-888-747-6765 or email us at 

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