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Hillary Clinton Condoms, "Designed to give you a sense of security while you're getting screwed" and more...

"This is the Condom Meme that is Melting the Internet" ~ Clash Daily

After the recent developments in New York, and an attempt to inject much needed humor into the 2016 political race, RipnRoll.com has just launched their new "Hillary" line of condoms. The designs and slogans are meant to satirize the Democratic Front-runner

It seems no one can turn on the television or radio lately without being bombarded by Hillary, political ads, political debates, political rhetoric or anything to do with politics for that matter. The Democratic race is now looking like a shoo-in for the Clinton legacy to continue after the recent polls. Now that Hillary may actually win, we are all sure that her husband "Slick Willy" will be excited to step back into the oval office for a few more rounds of undeniable fun. Hillary condoms are FDA approved and will give you a sense of security while you're getting screwed, they also stop male viruses and are designed to completely cover your inflation.

Collect all 5 or buy an assortment. Only available here at RipnRoll.com

Don't worry these condoms are safe and WE don't Lie! FDA approved for pregnancy and disease prevention. Each condom has a 5 year shelf life.

In Stock ready to ship the day your order is placed - A Rip n Roll Exclusive © 2016    

For wholesale case orders of 1000 condoms or more please call us at 1-888-747-6765 or send an email to info@ripnroll.com

**Political Condoms are a satirical / parody product and is in no way affiliated with any Politicians.   

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