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Practical Striptease for Housewives 

The Housewife's Guide to the Practical Striptease - Everything you ever wanted to know about stripping, and a few things you didn't! A fun and entertaining manual for women of all shapes and sizes! Ladies learn what turns on your man, secrets from real strippers. Re-ignite that fire in your bedroom.

Ever wanted to give your man an Erotic striptease? Here's a quick little read to get you on the right path

Worried that you'd look like a dork? Once you read this step by step guide, you'll dance like you were born in heels!

Don't Know That YOU'VE Got What it Takes?

Let Miyoko spell it out for you! You'll come to find that stripping isn't as tough as it looks, and every woman has what it takes to make her lover fall to their knees! Rediscover yourself and every sensuous inch of your body! Learn how to use your best assets! Introduce him to the woman he married, and would marry all over again....

*Where do you get those high heeled shoes?
*How to do the Stripper walk
*What is Floorwork?
*Creating your stage
*Trimming your "Landing Strip"
*Music To Strip By
*Choosing your wardrobe
*The Art of Lap Dancing!

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