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Bulk, Dry Condoms - Disposable Microphone Covers - Wireless Bodypack Covers, Audio Condoms.

NOV 24th - Black Covers are Back in stock!


Microphone covers or wireless body-pack sweat protectors can be purchased in bulk at Rip n Roll. Our economical sleeves are widely used as Microphone covers / sweat Protectors to keep moisture, germs and debris off of all types of audio mics as well as keeping sweat out of wireless bodypacks.

Our Audio Condoms are NON Lubricated and come loose with no foil wrapper packaging to mess with. Rip n Roll's Blue and Black sweat protectors are great for Microphones, wireless bodypacks and guns as they blend in well looking almost invisible. Disposable covers are only available in Pink, Natural and Black at this time

We supply thousands of microphone sleeves to Karaoke companies, sound companies, lighting companies and theater companies alike for sanitary germ free microphones.

Military rifles and hunting expeditions can benefit greatly by keeping sand and debris out of the gun barrels. Once fired, just place another condom over the barrel.



    *Discount codes are not valid for this already discounted product.

    **This Item is non-returnable / non-refundable as they are not individually packaged. Once you Buy them they can not be returned.

    Disclaimer: These Audio Condoms are only to be used for the protection of electronic devices. Rip n Roll and its affiliates may not be held responsible for their misuse.

    **These are NOT- FDA approved and are NOT to be used for birth control or STD prevention.


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