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He's Pokin'Man and he's gotta get 'em all!

Pokin'man  condoms are the perfect condom to give that friend who wont stop looking at their cell phone. Do you know someone who wanders aimlessly thru town looking at their cell phone all day? These are the condoms for them. If you don't start paying attention, the Poking Man is gonna getcha cause "He's got to get them all"

Pokin'man condoms are a satirical condom poking fun at today's most talked about game "Pokemon Go"

Pokin'Man Condoms™ is in no way affiliated with the Pokemon Company. Niantic Inc, or Nintendo all rights reserved.

The Pokin'man™ Condoms concept are ©2016 Rip n Roll® first used in commerce July 12, 2016



Category: Funny

Type: Funny Condoms

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