Poker for Lovers Game -

Poker for Lovers the Romantic Poker Game for Couples

Each player gets 30 chips: blue chips go to the guy; pink chips are for the woman. Each set of colored chips is segmented into 3 sets (10 each) of 1, 2, and 3-minute activities. Play starts when each player antes up a corresponding minute chip and 5 cards are dealt (a 1-minute ante must be matched by another 1-minute ante and so on).

As play progresses, each player may elect to call, raise or fold. Players bet by choosing among chips that contain the activities that they would be willing to perform in the event they lost.
At showdown, the player with the best poker hand will get to receive all of the chip activities that were bet from the other player. For example, if the guy wins the hand, the woman must now perform all of the activities contained on the pink chips that were bet into the pot.

When you ante up, you are not deciding what you want done to you; you are choosing what you will do for your partner. This way, players own comfort level will dictate how 'hot' things get. Choose your own variation of poker or stick with the standard 5-card draw. Poker rules and a hand-ranking sheet are included.

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