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Get Over It, Stop it Already!

We are ALL in this together, wanting our president to fail is like wishing for the pilot to crash the plane we are all on.

We have a Democracy and Our Nation has spoken. Whether you're sad, scared, mad or feeling something else such as anger or despair, that is your right and that's what is great about America! Whatever it is you're feeling is okay. Just know that it will not last forever and you will get over it. But in case they don't get over it, here is our new "Get Over It" and "Stop It Already" Political Condoms to help lighten up your day.

The Election is over, please stop telling us you got screwed or "You're Getting Screwed" we hear it every election...and most people don't want to hear the whiners crying about it for another 4 years.

FDA approved for pregnancy and disease prevention. Each condom has a 5 year shelf life.

In Stock ready to ship the day your order is placed - A Rip n Roll Exclusive

Also available - 2016 The Year We All Got Screwed

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