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12 Pack - Trojan Condoms Assortment

This bulk assortment of Trojan Brand Condoms will please even the pickiest shopper. The Bulk sampler features 12 different Trojan condoms to sample, a perfect way to try many different shapes and styles of Trojans The only true "Trojan Condom Sampler" you will find. Try one of the most complete collections of Trojan assorted condoms you will find anywhere, Period!! 12 different Trojan condoms in all make this the perfect selection to try if you are looking to mix it up. This bulk collection includes Trojan Ribbed, Trojan Magnum, Trojan Her Pleasure, , Trojan Ultra Thin, Trojan Fire & Ice, Trojan Extended Pleasure, Trojan Non-Lubed, Trojan Bareskin Supra, Trojan Twisted Pleasure, Trojan Ultra Enz, Trojan Thintensity and Trojan-Enz Lubricated. if you like Trojan, you will love this assortment of America's most Trusted condoms. No condoms in this sampler contain spermicide.

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