Ultrasound Probe Covers, Latex Transducer covers - Disposable

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Ultrasound Probe Covers - Disposable Latex Probe covers

Ultrasound probe covers are NON Lubricated Latex and have no wrapper. Recommended for use with transvaginal ultrasound probes.

Used by hospitals, clinics, midwifes, physicians and the like, our non lubricated covers help keep germs and debris off all types of Ultrasound and Transducer probes.

Most disposable Ultrasound covers or Transducer covers are extremely expensive, when you buy our non lubricated non sterile probe covers it's the perfect solution to save hundreds of dollars of wasted expense.

  • Non-steril
  • Non-lubricated
  • Rolled
  • 3.2 cm x 20.3 cm (1.25" x 8.00") latex cover
  • Durable, high-quality, rolled latex covers
  • Provides a snug fit to all types of endorectal and endovaginal transducers
  • Helps to protect from cross-contamination in endocavity applications

This Item is non-refundable / non-returnable as they are not individually packaged. Once you Buy them they can not be returned.


**These are NOT- FDA approved and are NOT to be used for birth control or STD prevention. Rip n Roll and its affiliates may not be held responsible for their misuse.

**Discount codes are not valid for this already discounted product.

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