Wet Fun Flavors Lubricant - Tropical Explosion

Wet Fun Flavors Heating Lubricant.

This Wet fun moisturizing lotion from Trigg Labs is designed for sensual massage and is made to be licked off after a playful Wet massage. Rub it and it gets hot! Blow on it and it gets hotter! A warming lotion with a terrific taste and 5 flavors to choose from. This lubricant is pure fun! With all of the benefits of Wet Light formula, Wet Tropical Explosion Flavored lubricant taste like real fruit with no bitter aftertaste. It is silky smooth, sugar-free, colorless,non-staining, and latex friendly. Pour it on for a tasty treat!  Feels Delicious!

Ingredients: Glycerin, natural and artificial flavors. 8.6 oz.

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