Wink Studded Condoms

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Wink Studded Lubricated Condoms - There is no thinner Studded Condom in America


Wink Condoms are made by the nearly 100-year old Okamoto Industries Inc., one of the largest and leading manufacturers of premium natural latex products in the world. In fact, they’ve quietly been making condoms for some of the most well-known condom brands for decades.  Wink Studded condoms are THIN, SOFT & ULTRA SHEER...Intense Texture with Raised studs for a more intense experience. Ultra thin, incredibly strong, honestly sized and made with Premium, soft-touch latex. Wink Studded Condoms are triple tested to meet the world’s highest regulatory standards. - There is no thinner studded condom in America This condom contains a silicone based lubricant


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