Condoms can be kinda tricky...with so many Condom Brands, Condom Styles, flavors, colors, textured, ribbed...So many Condoms to buy, different condom types and unique condom sizes, how do you choose? 


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In the condom's never-ending quest to provide the ultimate protection, manufacturers, designers and engineers alike have spent countless hours developing and testing what they undoubtedly feel will be the best condom. Unfortunately this can be quite confusing, for in the midst of all this widespread science and technology there has emerged hundreds if not thousands of condom brands and styles of latex condoms. Don't let anyone tell you condoms don't work because they do! In this day and age, latex condoms or poly condoms are the necessary "tools to tango".

So what's a lad to do? Should he skip to the nearest pharmacy and ask that strange man in the tower which latex condom brand he recommends? Or should he wait in line at the grocery store to ask help from the pretty girl at the check-out. Maybe, just maybe he can find a dirty old gas station with one of those condom vending machines in the bathroom. Do they check expiration dates on condoms?

No, No, No we say! Welcome to the World of Rip n Roll where you can leave all your condom worries behind. Buying the best condoms online shouldn't be a hassle or an embarrassment. We want you to be protected at all times. Don't stand in a store guessing which latex condoms to buy. Let us help you with all of your condom questions. We are confident we have the best condom brands and styles that you're looking for. 

If you're new to Rip n Roll, we suggest first checking out our safe sex education page. There are facts you should know. Did you know that 78% of all latex condom users don't know the correct way to Rip n Roll (see our condom use page). And do you know your condom size? A great place to start would be to use our condom size calculator. We help you find the right size condom for you.

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