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ONE Studded Condoms, 576 studs on every Latex Condom

576 super-studs on every ONE. You are what you wear. The Studded ONE’s raised texture enhances performance by awakening intense sensations. Besides an edgy, modern appearance, ONE Condoms also provide unbeatable quality, comfort, and reliability.   Each and every ONE is made with an extra sensitive premium latex formulation that enhances the connection with your partner. They have a premium, long-lasting lubricant, receptacle tip for added security and are electronically tested and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure safety and reliability. Every 576 Sensations™ condom features almost 600-individual pleasure intensifiers that work together to excite and stimulate like no other condom. 576 raised-latex pleasure studs, Straight-walled shape, Premium silicone lubricant, Reservoir tip.

Type: Thin Condoms

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