Trojan Non Lubed Condoms

Trojan Enz Non-Lubricated condoms are for those who prefer a dry condom. Some people may be sensitive to certain lubricants so there is no worry with this condom. The Enz no longer have a plain rounded end but now have a reservoir tip like most standard condoms.

Trojan non-lubed are ideal condoms for oral sex.

Add some flavored lube and you'll have a banana split like no other. This very popular Enz condom is also used for medical equipment such as Ultrasound machines, microphone covers. The US Military also use the non-lubed condoms to cover their rifle tips in sandy conditions. A great purchase from a great condom Brand.

Trojan Non Lubed condoms are average size condoms

With a length of roughly 7.65 inches and a circumference of 4.0 inches, the Trojav Enz Non-Lubricated condoms are considered average size condoms.

Category: Lube Free

Type: Non Lubricated

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