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Finding the Right Small Condom can be a challenge

by Bill Haney July 08, 2022

We help you find the right small condom

"What is The Best Small Condom for Smaller penises?"

Here at America's Condom Superstore, we have been asked this question weekly for almost 20 years now. Out of all the hundreds of condom we sell, the smaller condom brands continue to be one of, if not THE most popular condoms we sell online. If you are wondering why, well it is kind of obvious. Smaller condoms house smaller penises and most guys with smaller penises don’t really want to broadcast their shortcomings to the world.

Buying small condoms in a store pose many uncomfortable problems so to speak. The chances of slipping that package of snugger fit condoms unnoticed past the pretty girl at the checkout counter or the old lady at the Pharmacy for that matter are slim to none. Sure, those big guys have no problem standing in the condom isle holding a box of Magnums while comparing them tit for tat to the box of XXL on the shelf. The larger, well endowed guy won’t think twice about handing a box of Magnum XL’s to the checkout clerk while asking her for a price check. He might even smile and give her that obnoxious wink. Unfortunately this is not the case for the guys with smaller penises. Unless there is a self checkout, guys looking to buy smaller size condoms are pretty much limited to buying those snugger fit condom brands online from the privacy of their homes. – America’s Condom Superstore, has a small condom brand section that just might be the perfect fit for anyone looking for the best small condom to buy. There is also a small condom sampler where you can try an assortment of smaller condoms to find which one fits and feels the best.

So what size condom is actually a small size condom? Let’s first confirm…I guess the question to ask yourself would be are you small, average or large when it comes to your manhood? Well, when determining the measure of a man’s penis size and what’s “normal” there are two important dimensions to consider: length (the measurement from the base of a man’s penis to the tip) and girth (the distance around a penis, usually measured at the middle of a man’s penile shaft). The average penis ranges between 5.5 and 6.2 inches in length and between 4.7 and 5.1 inches in girth when erect. "Well that seems easy enough right?" Slow down Tiny Tim, have you ever measured your stuff? I mean really measured, not just looked at it and said wow, that’s small…

How to Measure yourself?

OK then, so how does someone measure to determine if they actually do have a smaller size package or if maybe their ego is just somewhat under-inflated? Some so called condom experts might ask you to measure your penis circumference with a string or a fabric tape ruler… Huh? I don’t know about you, but most guys won’t bother. We would be lucky to have a Home Depot tape measure handy if that, and I can tell you we aren’t about to wrap a metal tape measure around our junk. A better, quick and easy way to determine your average penis size is right around the corner in your bathroom. It's a toilet paper roll...that’s right a toilet paper roll, It’s called the Toilet paper roll test.

help measure the smaller size penis

Wayne Pawlowski, a certified sexuality educator (via AASECT, the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker presented this fun fact of information at the Center for Family Life Education’s National Sex Ed Conference. Wayne shared a piece of lore that he has seen in professional publications and that he has personally recommended to many of the young men he’s worked with. At the conference, he shared it with a room full of about 60 sexuality educators, none of whom had ever heard of it before. Wayne stated that "In order to determine what size condom you need, use the cardboard tube from a standard US roll of toilet paper"... Yes, really. Regular-sized condoms have almost the same circumference as that toilet paper tube. Condoms are a shade smaller, but a rolled up condom is as big around as the end of that toilet paper tube. If the thickest part of your erect penis—the base of the head—can fit into that tube without much effort, then a regular condom will fit you well. If the thickest part of your penis has plenty of room inside that tube, then you need small-sized condoms, or snugger fitted condoms. And if your head doesn’t fit through that toilet paper roll without a whole lot of effort or pain, then you need the large or “magnum” size. Having a properly fitted condom is obviously important. If your condom is too small, you probably won’t be able to put it on or it will be overly tight. If it’s too big, it will be too loose, and risk slipping off or leaking during sex. So bottom line, if the toilet roll test was loose fitting, this means YOU should try a smaller or snugger fitted condom.

Toilet paper roll test - what is the best small condom

So now that you are all measured up, and you still feel you are on the small side of the fence, I guess the big question of the day is: What is the best small Condom? First and foremost, you might want to head over to our condom size chart to see where you fit in

Well, when it comes to small condoms, the field is actually pretty narrow, pardon the pun. Smaller sized guys are limited to the few brands available. Due to FDA testing regulations, the shortest condoms available in the US are still around 7 inches long, and as stated earlier with the “Average size penis” in the US being only about 5.5 inches to 6.6 inches long, this seems to pose a real problem when looking for the best small condom. Let’s look at this a little closer though. Condom users need to take into consideration the extra space needed at the tip of the condom for semen once the deed is done. This is the reason most all condoms have a nipple end or reservoir tip. The added room is for added safety. Believe it or not most men don’t know the correct way to put on a condom. Another thing to consider is that fortunately most condoms are never unrolled all the way to the bottom, so for a shorter size penis this is helpful but can also cause a thick bunch up of latex at the base creating a tighter, restricted and uncomfortable feel especially if you are thicker in circumference. A solution for a shorter, thicker penis might be a thinner latex condom, as the unrolled latex won’t be as bulky and tight around the circumference and base of the shaft. Sometimes a man with a short thick shaft would be better off with an average or larger size circumference condom that is ultra-thin. This would offer a more comfortable fit at the base while still offering plenty of protection and coverage.

So with all that being said, we still haven’t answered the question What Condoms are Best for Small Penises? Considering the limited size variations and generality of data offered from the condom manufacturers, there are only a handful of smaller sized condoms and snugger fit condoms we would recommend. Below are the condoms, as of this writing, that we feel will benefit anyone looking to buy a smaller sized condom. Remember, if the toilet roll center was loose fitting, this means YOU.


Here you go...below are the Best Small Condoms for smaller guys - See all of our small condoms here








Iron Grip Condoms

Iron Grip Condoms

These are the smallest condoms we sell. Shorter and narrower, these condoms are our top selling small condom.

Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms

Lifestyles Snugger fit

Lifestyes condoms smallest offering, taperred at the top for even more snug contact.

Okamoto Beyond Seven condoms

Okamoto Beyond Seven

Manufactured in Japan, these lightly lubricated condoms have a slightly narrower shape with a superthin latex

Beyond Seven Studded Condoms

Beyond Seven Studded

The same world famous Beyond Seven condoms with a studded exterior!

Beyond Seven with aloe condoms

Beyond Seven with aloe

Beyond Seven with aloe condoms are the SAME condoms as Beyond Seven, with a soothing PH balanced Aloe Lubricant. Manufactured in Japan.

Atlas True Fit Condoms

Atlas True fit condoms

This condom has a snug fit and a contoured shape so the base is actually snugger than the condom head.

Glyde Slim Fit Condoms

Glyde Slimfit condoms

Ultra sheer and slim fit, GLYDE is the first certified ethical, vegan & fair trade premium condom brand. Crafted with patented technology and a clean plant-based formula.

Sustain Tailor fit Vegan small condoms

Sustain Tailor Fit lubricated latex condoms

are free of chemicals of concern, FDA approved, Fair Trade and vegan certified. One of the smallest condoms we carry, the Sustain Tailored Fit is a shorter and narrower condom providing security to those who need a tighter fitting condom. 

Snugger fit small condom assortment sampler

Small Condom Sampler

A great sampler of our most popular snugger fitting condoms. Try all of these small condoms and you're sure to find a fit.


So there you have it. Hopefully all the information you need to determine what is the best small condom for you smaller than average penis. If you are still unsure of which condom is right for you, again we would recommend that you try the small condom sampler. Try them all and let us know which one you like the not really, TMI. If you are too scared to buy condoms in a store, we are sure you would rather just keep this tiny secret to yourself.

Stay Safe and let the good times unroll.


Bill Haney
Bill Haney


Bill is President / CEO of RipNRoll Inc. and a regular contributor at Entrepreneur, Businessman and Father, Bill has kept up his goal of "Protecting the Planet one condom at a time" since 1996

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