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So What is the Best Place to Buy Condoms Online?

by Rip N Roll Condoms January 20, 2021

Remember for a moment the last time you were with that perfect someone. The mood was right, the music was perfect, the atmosphere was picturesque. Everything was in a groove, you could almost touch the libido and testosterone in the air. Then it happened, the moment of pure fear! Damn!............. time for the condom!

Best Place to Buy Condoms

If you had just been prepared in advance you wouldn't be freaking out right now. You should have bought your condoms online and you could have skipped that midnight run to the gas station. What a buzzkill!

Well, let me tell you, those moments of terror are over. The Online World is a better place, where safety and pleasure live as one and new condoms have found a place in the hearts of millions. It seems there are hundreds of new condoms to buy online now and there really is no reason not to buy your condoms on the internet. The obvious reason to shop online is privacy. You don't have to run in grab the first box you see and run out. Buying condoms in stores can suck, especially if your girlfriends mom is in the condom isle buying feminine products. Buying online makes the process much easier and you can take your time and read up on the best condoms on the market as well as find the right size condom for you. But now that you're ready to buy, what is the best place to buy condoms online you ask?

Well to be honest, and in the interest of full disclosure, we here at are a bit biased when it comes to picking the best condom store. After all, we have been in the condom business for 20 years now and we can honestly say we KNOW condoms! Over the years we have seen hundreds of condom stores come and go. It seems every year there is a new store popping up wanting to be the next big guy on the block. But to be a truly great condom store you need more than a website and a few boxes of condoms in your garage.

When shopping for condoms there are many things to consider so we have put together the top ten reasons RipnRoll is the best condom store on the internet.

Top 10 Reasons RipNRoll is the best place to buy condoms online.

  1. We offer free shipping, condoms can be hard to choose from so why have the added hassle of shipping costs.
  2. RipNRoll gives you 12 free condoms with every order. That's right, for 20 years RipNRoll has been known as the home of the 12 free condoms.
  3. All of our condoms are brand new, not old or near expired. We rotate our inventory on a regular basis so nothing has time to get old.
  4.  Our condoms are direct from the manufacturer. No counterfeits or seconds here. Be careful buying condoms on EBay or Amazon, you can never be sure where those guys are buying their condoms.
  5. Discreet Packaging - we offer plain box, plain package shipping. There is no mention of the words condom or RipNRoll on the packge. No one will know what is in your package, not even your mailman!
  6. Discreet Billing - At RipNRoll, all of our order show from "ACS Group" on your credit card statement. No mention of the word condom.
  7. Same Day Shipping, 99% of orders placed with us by 3pm est. time will ship out the same day your order is placed. When you need it fast, we've got you covered.
  8. Great Condom Selection. We carry only the best condoms styles and condom brands. Over the last 20 years we have learned what customers want and what they don't. We carry brands that most stores don't even know of. We also carry niche products like vegan condoms and custom printed condoms.
  9. Great Discounts - RipNRoll offers coupon codes and discounts up to 50% for our regular customers and newsletter subscribers.
  10. 100% Money Back Guarantee - that's right, a guarantee on condoms. We are so sure you will love our products , we offer a money back guarantee...try to find that at other condom stores online
  11. World Class Customer Service - For an online condom store to stay in business for 20 years they must have good customer service. RipNRoll's Customer service is a cut above he rest.

Ok, so I said I would give you ten reasons RipNRoll is the best place to buy condoms online...I lied...I gave you 11 reasons. If you need more proof, just look at our A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Since 1996 we have had an outstanding record with the BBB and we plan on keeping it this way.

So there you have it, buying condoms online can be fun and hassle free if you just know which store to buy from. At RipNRoll, we want to make your buying experience one to look forward to. So buy them condoms, use them and tell your friends about the best place to buy condoms online.

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