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What are the Best Rated Ultra-Thin Condoms to Buy for 2022

by RipNRoll Condoms July 09, 2022

We Rated The Top 10 Best Ultra-Thin condoms to buy in 2020

Many people ask us "what are the best condoms for feeling" or "What's the thinnest condom? With so many improvements in condom technology and manufacturing, it often gets overwhelming for consumers trying to pick the right thin condom. Many times people just give up looking and grab the first box they see on the store shelf to quickly turn and run for the checkout. People just don't want to be seen in the condom isle standing there staring at a condom box. To help make your search a bit easier and much less embarrassing, we have gathered and reviewed what we feel are The 10 Best Ultra-Thin Condoms to Buy in 2020,  Ripnroll's Top 10 sensitive condoms, arguably the best feeling condoms on the market.

For over 20 years we continue to hear people say they won't wear condoms because "they can't feel anything" or I don't wear condoms because "they feel like raincoats" Well if they had done a little research they would realize that today's more sensitive condoms or "Ultra-Thin Condoms" may be just what they need. The condoms of 2020 are leaps and bounds better than the condoms your dad used to use.

It's a good idea to check your size before you buy any condoms, we have covered condom size in depth in a previous blog post here - The condom size chart, Size Matters. 


So what are the benefits of using Ultra Thin Condoms?

The first benefit would be the obvious reason, Ultra-Thin condoms are thinner, sometimes up to 20-40% thinner than other standard condoms. When a condom is Ultra-Thin it is much less noticeable during sex which in turn lets the man concentrate more on the pleasure of the moment and less on the protective sheathe on his Johnson. While using an ultra thin condom, you will be less likely to feel the condom and more likely to enjoy the pleasure and feeling of the moment. Less material between you and your partner means more excitement, better feeling and pleasure for both of you. 

Why are many people hesitant to buy Ultra-Thin Condoms?

If more people understood the benefits of thinner more sensitive condoms, maybe they would have more satisfaction in the bedroom. When people see the words 20%-40% thinner or thinnest condom we sell, they often think the condom is more likely to break or it must not be safe, this is far from the truth. Many of the Ultra-Thin condoms have gone thru countless hours of design and preparation even prior to the testing process, and because of these processes these Ultra-thin Condoms are just as safe, if not safer than those "other standard condoms"

Testing, Testing and More Testing

There and many factors that go into making an Ultra-Thin condom but first and foremost is safety. As a matter of safety, every condom sold in the USA must pass what is called FDA inspection. This inspection process takes place before the condoms are allowed to be sold in stores. For this reason, condom manufacturers test, test, and re-test their condoms so as not to fail inspection; An FDA Inspection failure is not a good thing by any means and for this reason these Ultra Thin condoms go thru the same rigorous testing as a normal thicker condom would go thru. Read more about FDA Approved Condoms here

Ultra-Thin Condom Materials, Names and Lubricants.

Another important factor to consider when buying ultra thin condoms would be the materials they are made of. Condoms come in many different materials like latex and non latex materials such as polyisoprene and polyurethane. Material consideration would be important if you think you might be allergic to latex. We break it down for you here in a previous article - Latex vs Non Latex condoms

There are also many different names in the Ultra-Thin condoms category like Skinless Skin, Sheerlon, Thintensity, Bareskin, Micro-thin, Invisible and the list goes on...

Ultra Thin condoms are lubricated with waterbase or silicone lubricants, we always recommend using an added drop of lubricant on the inside of the condom to help reduce friction. Heat and lack of lubrication is the top reason a condom might fail. Never use oil based lubricants such as baby oil on a condom, always use Water based or silicone based lubricants. So, with all that being said, what are the best thinnest condoms? Below are our picks, we encourage you to try one or try them all and then decide for yourself. We are convinced that you will agree, there really is a difference in feeling between regular and ultra thin condoms.


Our Picks for the top 10 Ultra-Thin Condoms to buy


1. Best Feeling Ultra-Thin Condoms - Crown Skinless Skin.

#1 - Best Feeling Ultra-Thin condoms - Crown

We have been selling the thin Crown Skinless skin condoms here at America's Condom Superstore for more than 20 years now and it has continually been a top seller. These super sensitive Crowned Jewels are Japanese technology at it's finest and are manufactured by the Japan based Okamoto Condom company.


2. Best Small-Size Ultra-Thin condoms - Kimono Micro-Thin

#2 - Best Small Size Ultra-Thin Condoms

Sheer strength, sheer pleasure, Kimono Microthin condoms are 38% thinner and crafted to exacting standards of quality, these form fitting Kimono condoms have earned the super-thin crown. Through advanced latex engineering FDA and ISO specs are exceeded time after time. 


3. Best Larger Sized Ultra-Thin Condoms - Trojan Magnum Bareskin

#3 - Best Larger Size Ultra Thin Condoms

Trojan Magnum Bareskin condoms  are the thinnest MAGNUM™ condom, designed to provide heightened sensitivity and comfort. Larger than standard latex condoms for extra comfort, Wider, contoured shape for added comfort, Tapered at the base for a secure fit, Silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity. 


4. Best Non Latex Ultra-Thin Condoms - Trojan Bareskin Supra

#4 - Best non-latex Ultra-Thin condom

The Trojan Supra non latex condoms are made from a Medical-grade advanced polyurethane material called Microsheer. Compatible with both water-based and oil-based lubricants Supra polyurethane condoms have no latex allergens, and they transmit body heat unlike latex! Trojan Supra can be manufactured much thinner than the average condom, strong and clear (almost invisible). A perfect condom for those who have latex allergies 


5. Best Studded Ultra-Thin Condom - Beyond Seven Studded

35 - best ultra-thin studded condom

Thin, strong and silky soft, these lightly lubricated condoms are made of a latex called Sheerlon for a sensuous natural experience. A slightly narrower shape and a light blue tint. Beyond Seven Studded, The world famous Beyond Seven condoms with a studded exterior! Does it get any better than this?


6. Best Vegan Ultra-Thin Condom - Sustain Ultra-Thin

#6 - best ultra-thin vegan condom

The Sustain Ultra Thin condoms provide a heightened sexual experience (thinner latex) with no compromise in safety. Safe & secure – individually electronically tested, FDA approved. Better for you and your partner – low odor and free of nitrosamines. Better for everyone - fair trade, vegan, Non-GMO, sustainable. 


7. Best Ultra-Thin Condoms For Her - Okamoto 004 with Aloe

#7 - Best Ultra-Thin Condoms for her

004 Condoms by Okamoto - Lubricated with Natural Aloe Extract
Manufactured by Okamoto Japan, the same company who brought us the favorite Crown and Beyond Seven Brand condoms. The new Okamoto 004 condom is one of the thinnest condoms on the market today. The box says it's an "Almost Nothing" feeling when wearing this condom.


8. Best Value Ultra Thin Condoms - Atlas Ultra-Thin Condoms

#8 - best value ultra-thin condoms

Atlas Ultra Thin are manufactured in Malaysia and were developed by GPC, a highly trusted condom company. If you're looking for a thin sensitive condom of good quality at an inexpensive price, these Atlas condoms won't disappoint. Each condom features a silky smooth latex formulation engineered to enhance your pleasure.


9. Best Tasting Ultra-Thin Condoms - Skyn Cocktail Club

#9 - best tasting ultra-thin condom

Lifestyles SKYN Cocktail Club condoms are new non-latex "Flavored and scented" condoms inspired by the famous cocktail drinks Piña Colada, Cherry Sunrise and Passion Daiquiri. The SKYNFEEL material in this condom is a winner. A thin, soft and comfortable feel with incredible sensitivity. Made from a Synthetic manufactured Polyisoprene material, this revolutionary NEW Non-Latex material allows you and your partner to virtually feel everything.



10. Best Ultra Thin Condoms assortment - Okamoto/Beyond Seven assortment

#10 - Ultra-Thin Condom assortment

For those of you who Love Crown Condoms but you're not sure which of the Ultra Thin condoms to buy, we have a solution! Try the Okamoto condom Sampler. Six of the finest Japanese condoms ready to sample and pick a winner. The Okamoto condoms sampler includes Beyond SevenCrownBeyond Seven Studded004 Condoms004 with Aloe and Beyond Seven with Aloe.




Well there you have it "The Top 10 Best Rated Ultra-Thin Condoms to buy in 2020". Buying Ultra Thin condoms online shouldn't have to be a hassle, and we hope we have helped take some of the guesswork out of this for you. 

Stay Safe and let the good times Roll

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