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Okamoto Crown Condoms Review

by RipNRoll Condoms December 08, 2020

Rip n Roll takes time out to review their top selling condom 20 years in a row, the Okamoto Crown Condom.

Okamoto Crown Condoms

Since 1996 Crown Condoms have been the "Star Child" of all condoms sold at America's Condom Superstore.

For over 20 years this thin pink condom has been a constant performer garnering rave reviews from customers, magazines,retail outlets and the like. So what makes this condom so special and is it really as good as they say it is? Let's take a look back over the last 20 years of this Skinless Skin condom from Okamoto.

Crown condom reviews started coming in the week we started selling Crown Condoms back in the Summer of 1996.  

Yes that's right, Rip n Roll was on the old interweb 2 years before Google even launched their now infamous search engine, and since that time we have received literally thousands of positive reviews for the Crown Skinless condoms. Most customers love the silky feel and the light pink color which helps with this condoms stealth like appearance during sex. One of the most popular and well loved condom brands in the world, the Crown Skinless Skin condom is not only our staff and customer favorite here at Rip n Roll, it has also become well known as the as the "Porn Star Condom" making a name for itself as the pink condom seen in many adult films.

Crown Condoms Reviews Positive for over 20 years

Many reviews we get also praise the inexpensive price of the Crown Condoms, making it one of the most economical condoms we carry as well. More reviews praise this condoms versatility in being super thin, very strong, and durable with very little latex odor. There's nothing worse than a passionate night oflovemaking interrupted by the smell of burning rubber. Low latex oder is another strong selling point of this amazing condom.

Manufactured by Okamoto, a Japanese condom company making condoms since 1934, we have to agree that the company has hit it out of the park when it comes to customer satisfaction in regards to crown condom reviews.

YES, Crown Condoms really ARE that good.

So to answer the question "Are Crown Condoms Really That Good" we have to answer with a resounding YES Crown condoms are to this day the best selling condom with the most consistent customer reviews and continued 5 star ratings here at Rip n Roll - America's Condom Superstore.

If you are ready to try one of the best condoms on the market, Crown condoms can be purchased here



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