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Trojan Condoms, what do all of the names, types and styles really mean?

by Bill Haney December 07, 2020

Updated - 12-07-2020

Almost weekly, we get asked the same questions over and over here at America’s Condom Superstore. “What condoms are the best? What type of condom should I use? What is the best condom for me and my partner?” And “Why does Trojan have so many different names and what do all the types mean?”

Well, while we have tried to educate the condom masses as to how the choose the “BEST” condom (see article here) these are not questions easily answered. There are so many variables in the condoms makeup and design and there are literally thousands of condoms on the market. To put it simply, it's like buying a pair of shoes or buying a hat, they all fit and feel different. Although you probably won’t be having sex with your shoes or hats, unless you are one of those kinky types. While the condoms fit and feel do play a major role in the condoms short lived responsibility and service, function and performance will most likely earn it the coveted gold star it is seeking in its short 3-5 year lifespan. This unique balance of desirable traits is what makes buying a condom so confusing. These many features and attributes are also the reasoning behind the Trojan Condom Company’s influx of new names, types, brands, styles and designs.

So the question of the day is “Why do Trojan condoms have so many different names and what do they all mean?”

I have been in the condom industry for over 20 years and have seen many condoms come and go. While I personally am not a fan of the Trojan Brand for business reasons, I must give credit to Trojan and the Trojan Company (Church and Dwight Company, CHD) as a whole for their continued dominance; with around 70% percent of the condom market share in the US.

Trojan is obviously doing something right and most of their success, in my opinion, is due to brilliant marketing and advertising. Trojan continues to evolve as a brand and this evolution has incorporated countless trials and errors in design, packaging and advertising as well. It is true that growth involves risk and mistakes, and like any great company they have had their share of challenges; which brings me to the many faces of Trojan Brand Condoms.

Below is an attempt to help categorize, educate and explain the differences of the Trojan Line of condoms as it stands today, August 2015. This is not a Review of the Trojan Brand Condoms, only an attempt to help people understand their names.


And the Trojan Condoms Line-up is........drum-roll please


The different Lines of Trojan including Styles and what they mean. Below is your Trojan Index so to speak. We even alphabetized them for your convenience.


Armor - Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide is on this condom for extra protection against pregnancy ONLY - NOT for extra protection against AIDS and other STDs. CAUTION: Some people are sensitive to Nonoxynol-9. Spermicidal Lubricants Are For Extra Protection Against Pregnancy. Spermicidal Lubricants Are Not For Rectal Use Or More-Than-Once-A-Day Vaginal Use.

Bareskin – The thinnest condoms Trojan Makes, includes the Bareskin, the Bareskin studded, the Magnum Bareskin and the Supra Bareskin a non latex polyurethane condom.

Charged – “Orgasmic Pleasure” is claimed to be experienced with these condoms. Although I must admit any condoms ultimate outcome is orgasmic pleasure lol. Contains an intensified lubricant.

Enz - Trojan Enz are a standard straight walled average condom that come in lubricated, non lubricated, and spermicidal, There is also the Trojan Ultra Enz which is a bit wider at the end (as of this writing the Ultra Enz has been discontinued) all of the Enz condoms now have a reservoir tip including the Enz Non Lubricated

Ecstasy – A condom line with no reservoir tip and a Comfort shape that allows freedom of movement for a more natural experience

Extended – These Unique Trojan condoms contain a Climax Control Lubricant that is clear and odorless with special additive (Benzocaine) to help prevent premature ejaculation and help provide greater staying power

EdgeTrojan Edge Condoms are made with a new lubricant that will send you and your partner on a magic carpet ride of pleasure. The Edge condoms have a 
Changing Sensation Lubricant Inside & Out that makes it fun for everyone.

Fire & Ice – Contains a “Dual Action Lubricant” inside and out providing a warming and tingling sensations for both partners.

G-Spot - The Trojan G. Spot Condom has a unique shape for targeted stimulation and the Condom material moves with the motion of sex while micro-ribbing slowly builds stimulating friction.

Groove - These have unique channels designed to keep lube in place for better lubrication. Groove condoms have ribs and ridges for added stimulation to both partners as well.

Her Pleasure – made for a woman’s pleasure. Ribbed and contoured for extra enjoyment & stimulation

Intense – Designed with deep ribs to provide intense sexual pleasure with increased stimulation. Includes the Ultra Ribbed condoms.

Intensified - Contains an intensified lubricant to enhance pleasure for both partners.

Magnum – The Larger line of Trojan condoms. Also referred to as Magnums, this is one of the most recognized and branded condoms on the market. Most people refer to any large condom as a magnum even if it is not a Trojan made condom. The magnum line includes the Magnum Original, Magnum Thin, Magnum Ecstasy, Magnum Fire & Ice, Magnum XL, Magnum ribbed and Magnum Bareskin.

Naturalamb – A non latex conom made from natural lamb intestines. Contains no latex and may be used by latex sensitive people. For pregnancy protection ONLY. Does not protect against STIs

Pleasures – Unique condoms with unique qualities designed for, well you guessed it, more Pleasures. Includes the Extended Pleasures climax control condoms, the Fire & Ice condoms containing a “Dual Action Lubricant” inside and out providing a warming and tingling sensations for both partners and the Pleasures Fire & ice Ecstasy ribbed condoms.

Sensitivity – The thinner line of Trojan Condoms including the Trojan Bareskin and Trojan Ultra-Thin, Trojan’s thinnest condoms

Stimulations – Condoms that are ribbed to help enhance stimulation

Supra – Latex Free - America’s thinnest non latex condom, made from a polyurethane material.

Thintensity – 25% thinner for sensitivity and comfort. One of the thinner straight wall condoms in the Sensitivity line.

Twisted - designed with a special twist at the closed end to help stimulate both partners in their most sensitive areas.

Ultra Thin – Trojans thinnest Latex Condom

XL – The Largest Condom Trojan Makes. The Magnum XL is one of the largest condoms on the market.


Well, there you have it! As of this writing, these are the various names and attributes of Trojan Brand condoms you see on the market today. Keep in mind this WILL change as it has hundreds of times in the past. The next “GREAT” marketing idea will no doubt wipe out many of these condoms and descriptions but for the time being Trojan is leading the pack in market share with these names and styles.

Although there are many other condom Brands worth exploring, which I do encourage you to do, today’s story is all about the big Brand, the big Kahuna, the big potato, the big…well you get the picture. Today's article is all about Trojan condoms, so if you want to hear about Durex Brand or One Condoms or Lifestyles etc. etc. etc…check back later, I will surely look closer at these major brands as well.

Personally, if you are like the hundreds of thousands of customers who have bought from America’s Condom Superstore over the years, you could care less about all of this fluff right? Just give me a condom that fits and feels good…a condom is a condom right??? Well apparently NOT according to Trojan.

Bill Haney
Bill Haney


Bill is President / CEO of RipNRoll Inc. and a regular contributor at Entrepreneur, Businessman and Father, Bill has kept up his goal of "Protecting the Planet one condom at a time" since 1996

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