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A Guide to the 10 Best Condoms to Buy in 2022 - Updated

by RipNRoll Condoms July 05, 2022

Condoms come and go faster than Netflix specials, but after 25 years in the condom selling business, Rip n Roll has a pretty good pulse on the condom industry as a whole, especially when it comes to the end users and consumers; that would be you. We've seen hundreds of condoms come and go and we've seen silly condom trends along with silly condom ideas but we have also kept a close eye on the best performing and top selling condoms in the industry for over 25 years.

So Which Condoms are the Best Condoms?

That is actually a loaded question, there are so many factors that contribute to making a condom great that there really needs to be several categories. Today we will help guide you to some of the best condoms we feel are at the top of their class in the industry. Before you continue, you may need to find out what condom size you are, Check out our Condom Size Chart here.

At Rip n Roll, we like to make condom buying fun and with the list below, we hope you will try a few of these great condoms if not all of them. So without pause, here are the condoms we feel are the best of 2022.

The 10 best condoms to buy in 2020


The 10 best condoms to buy in 2022

In this article we will  confidently disclose what we feel are the "Best condoms to buy in 2022" along with the reasons we feel, as an industry leader, these 10 condoms would be the best options to buy. The 10 best condoms listed below are based on customer feedback, sales statistics, as well as employee input. ** We do not accept commissions or payment from any condom manufacturers to sway our decisions or influence our choices, so you can rest assured these condoms are legit! The condoms listed are all FDA approved and effective against pregnancy and disease prevention if used correctly


Best Condoms - The Top 10 winners

Best overall condom - Crown Condoms

1. Best Overall condom

Crown Skinless skin condoms - hands down. We have been selling the thin Crown Skinless skin condoms here at America's Condom Superstore for more than 20 years now and it has continually been a top seller. These Crowned Jewels use Japanese technology and are manufactured by the Japan based Okamoto company. This is probably our most sensitive condom we sell. It feels like there is no second skin hence the "Skinless Skin" title appropriately given. When customers ask us "What's the thinnest or best feeling condom?" we almost always direct them to the Okamoto Crown Skinless Skin condoms. Reviews continually claim this as the best feeling condom they've ever tried. our obvious winner for Best Overall condom.


Best small, snugger fitting condom

2. Best Small, Snug fitting

Caution Wear Iron Grip condoms -  Iron Grip Condoms are Snug Fitting, Smaller condoms for the smallest of sizes. Many reviews claim this as the only condom they can use that won't slip off. If you need a small condom this is it, stop looking, The Iron Grip condoms by Caution wear are the snuggest fit for more contact and sensitivity, this Iron Grip condom is shorter and slimmer than most average condoms, the smallest condom we carry. Don't use condoms that keep slipping off, try the Iron grip snugger fitting condom, our pick for the best small condom.


Best Large Condom

3. Best Large

One Condoms Legend - The Legend, the name says it all. A larger design Lubricated Latex Condom, It’s ONE big world and so are you. A pumped-up version of the Classic ONE condom, it’s both wider and longer, because one size doesn't always fit all. Cutting edge design packaging in a round condom foil with different art designs on each condom package makes One Brand condoms very unique. Many larger men report "Finally a large condom that fits comfortably" Try the legend and see why it is our pick for the best large condom for 2020.


Best Non Latex Condom

4. Best Non Latex

Durex Avanti Bare real feel - NEW Avanti Bare Real Feel Non Latex, Polyisoprene condoms by Durex have a natural Skin on Skin feel. The Durex Avanti Bare is a revolutionary advancement in condom technology that's made out of synthetic polyisoprene, so It's perfect for latex sensitive users. Specially shaped for a more comfortable fit. These Durex condoms are Soft as Skin and all who reviewed this condom loved the feel although many did comment this was a tight fit condom. This condom was so popular we sold out of stock within days of our first shipment.

The Durex Real Feel - Next-To-Nothing Feel made this condom our first choice for Best non-latex condom for 2020


Best Flavored /  Tasting condoms

5. Best Flavored / Tasting

Skyn Cocktail club - Voted "best tasting flavored condoms" by the Rip N Roll staff Lifestyles SKYN Cocktail Club condoms are new non-latex "Flavored and scented" condoms inspired by the famous cocktail drinks Piña Colada, Cherry Sunrise and Passion Daiquiri.

Adding flavors to this already awesome condom makes Skyn Flavored condoms even more fun in the bedroom. These flavors actually taste better than other flavored condoms because there is no latex smell to hide. Try these flavored condoms, we are confident you will agree with the many reviewers that these are the winners for Best Tasting condoms.


Best Textured Condom

6. Best Textured

One Super Studs - Formerly 576 Sensations, with 576 studs on every Latex Condom, the ONE Super-Studs are currently our pick for best textured condom to buy in 2020. The Studded ONE’s raised texture enhances performance by awakening intense sensations. Besides an edgy, modern appearance, ONE Condoms also provide unbeatable quality, comfort, and reliability. Each and every Super Stud is made with an extra sensitive premium latex formulation that enhances the connection with your partner. They have a premium, long-lasting lubricant, receptacle tip for added security and are electronically tested and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure safety and reliability. Every Super Stud condom features almost 600-individual pleasure intensifiers solidifying its place on our 10 best condoms list.


Best Condoms for her

7. Best condoms for her

Skyn Condoms - Are Non Latex Vegan friendly condoms. A perfect condom for a woman's sensitive internal parts. Not just another condom, Skyn are the latest in condom technology for a truly intimate sexual experience. The new non-latex Polyisoprene "SKYN" makes this condom perfect for Latex Sensitive condom users. The SKYNFEEL material is soft and comfortable for the most natural fit and feel. For him it is the closest thing to wearing nothing, which in turn lets him concentrate more on her pleasure and not so much on a bad feeling condom. Try the new Sky Line of condoms and see why we chose these as the best condoms for her.


 Best Condoms for him  Best Condom for him

8. Best condoms for him

Trojan Extended Pleasure - We had to give this one a tie for several reasons. First the Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms are perfect for any man that needs a little boost in the staying power department. Designed with a Climax Control Lubricant, a male genital desensitizer, this is THE condom for those partners who want to go the distance.

Trojan Bareskin - Tied with the Extended pleasure for the best condoms for him is the Trojan Bareskin. The Trojan Bareskin sensitivity is the thinnest condom available from Trojan, 40% thinner than their standard condom.  The Bareskin condom, unlike the Extended Pleasure, is designed for men who want to feel what is going on. Bareskin sensitivity, the name says it all, a silky smooth lubricant, and reservoir tip too. Our co-winner for Best condom for him.


Best Thin Condoms

9. Best Thin condoms

Kimono Microthin - For over 20 years, the Kimono Microthin condoms have been a consistent favorite for best thin condom. Microthin are a thin and strong lubricated Japanese condom that is 38% than most standard condoms. Thinner and crafted to exacting standards of quality, these form fitting Kimono condoms have earned the super-thin crown for many years. Through advanced latex engineering, FDA and ISO specs are exceeded time after time. Kimono Microthin are lightly lubricated, have a new red package and are our secure winner of best thin condoms to buy in 2020.


Best Condom Assortment

10. Best Assortment / Value condoms

The Super Mighty Mix - We chose this assortment for obvious reasons. It has been an Internet Favorite since 1996, this super bulk assortment features many of Rip n Roll's favorite condoms. Various Name Brands, sizes, textures, colors, flavors and shapes. All condoms are brand new with new expiration dates. No novelty condoms, never a complaint. We get thousands of reviews like "Great deal guys, I was very impressed with the assortment and value. This is the best condom deal going on the Internet today!" You will love this sampler and you will love the price. 


Well there you have it! What we feel are the 10 best condoms to buy in 2022.

This is early into the new year so we will update this page regularly. Check back often as we are sure to add new favorites if we feel they are worthy. If you think of a condom we should include on the list, shoot us an email at and tell us why your condom would be worthy of the best condoms list, we would love to hear from you.


The Rip N Roll Gang!


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