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How to choose the best condom for you and your partner, we help you decide.

by Bill Haney March 06, 2019

Show me the best condoms to buy you ask??

With so many customers asking us questions like, "what is the best condom" or "what is the best condom brand to use" or even "what are the best condoms for couples? ... Choosing the Best condom with so many different types, styles and brands of condoms can be tough. We decided to write this article in the hopes of explaining what you need to know to choose the best condom for you and your partner. After all, condoms are kind of like shoes or hats, they fit everyone different. So if you have ever asked the question "how do I choose a condom?", the below article might be just what you've been looking for.

How to buy the best condom?

by Bill Haney President/CEO of America's Condom Superstore, updated Feb 2018

Every one of us sexually active guys has been there, you have a date this weekend and you need to find the best condom. You are sure you need to be safe, just not sure which condom to choose or for that matter what brand or even what type?

So there you are, standing at the pharmacy shelf staring in total disbelief. How can there be so many condoms? It's just a penis not a rocket ship! So why do I need a Supra sonic, chrome plated, spring action, ribbed and dotted, space age polymer, silicone lubed, flared and tapered, enhanced warming super flavored condom toy? What the heck? So you grab the closest box of condoms and run out the door. If you were smart enough to pay for them you probably got that funny stare at the checkout too.

You get home just to find that the condoms you bought don't even fit right and probably smell funny too. But rather than go through the hassle of returning them, you just throw them in your nightstand drawer. These were definitely not the best condoms for you!

Let's see if we can help you with the process of finding the best condoms for you.

Store bought VS Online shopping

Sure you can stand in the store and try reading every box of condoms they sell to determine the best condoms to buy. But wouldn't it be easier to first go online and read up on all the different condoms available? You can take your time and research thoroughly all the different condom sizes and shapes. Once you find the best condom to buy then go to the store or better yet buy it online. Most online condom stores offer Fast Shipping and some even give you free condoms at checkout just for shopping with them.

What type of condom best suits your needs?

This is the most important question as need is more important than want when choosing a condom. You might want all the bells and whistles but you may need a larger condom or a smaller condomDo condom Sizes Really Matter? or if you are allergic to latex you will need a non-latex condom material like Polyurethane or Polyisoprene. You need to know if your partner is allergic to latex as well and if you don't know you might want to be safe and go with a non-latex condom to start. There's nothing worse than giving a new girlfriend a latex allergic reaction the first time you hook up.

What type of condom best suits your wants?

Now comes the tricky part. Looking for the truly best condom to suite your wants. Here are a few points to consider when searching for the best condom for you.

  1. Do you want to please her or are you just into it for yourself. There are many condoms designed for Her pleasure or Mutual pleasure and even condoms made for your own pleasure (textured on the inside)

  2. Condom Brands? Do you have a specific brand you just have to have? There are many, many condom brands on the market, each with their own niche or claim to fame. You might feel safe with a trusted brand name but just remember all of the condoms sold in the US are FDA approved and must meet strict Federal standards. You will definitely save money on an off brand condom, just make sure they are not expired condoms or marked "NOVELTY USE ONLY" these are not meant for protection.

  3. Condom Styles? There are so many different styles of condoms to choose from you almost need a degree in engineering to figure them out. Here is the basic breakdown of condom styles to choose from when searching for the best condom.
    a) Thin or Sensitive - condoms that feel like they're not even there.
    b) Stronger condom - Stronger condoms sometimes means thicker but not always. Some thin condoms claim to be stronger than average condoms.
    c) Textured condoms - A sure fire way to get her attention but remember not every woman is into speed bumps.
    d) Flavored condoms - If you plan on starting the evening with oral sex, a flavored condom might be the ticket for you. Even if you just want to experiment with your partner, try adding some spice with a mint or vanilla flavored condom.
    e) colored condoms - Colored condoms are the perfect choice for black tie affairs or go green on St. Patty's Day. There are even Red White and Blue condoms for those patriotic nights. carries 10 different colors of condoms as well as those funny glow in the dark condoms.
    f) non-lubed condoms - Non lubed condoms are used for many things like Microphone covers, gun covers and ultrasound machines. Non-lubed condoms also go good with warming or flavored lubricants for a spicy night of safe oral fun.
    g) Desensitizing condoms - These Climax Control condoms help men last longer by delaying climax. A great condom if you are a short sprinter but not so much if you have no problem with timing as these condoms tend to make your unit go numb.
    New shapes - Spring action, minimalist design, Spiral shapes, Pleasure pouches, even Dolphin shaped condoms. A must try for the serious condom connoisseur.
    Vibrating condoms - Vibrating condom rings are not actually condoms but they can be used with your best condoms to enhance pleasure for her and help you last longer as well. Another must have in the best condom search.

  4. What about condom sizes? Condom size is a whole other article. Read about condom sizes and what condom size means to you. check out our Condom Size Chart here.

Too many choices!

If, after all of your research and investigating is done you are still confused as to which condom is best for you, it's time to try out some condom Variety Assortments or mixes. Not all walk in stores offer these condom assortments so it is best to look online for these. America's Condom Superstore has the largest selection of condom assortments available online. With condom Variety Assortments you can experiment with the different condom styles to find the condom that best suits you. Once you find your perfect condom you can buy that brand solely in the future.

Now you're Ready!

You have finally found the best condom to get the job done and it is almost time for your Soldier to head into heated battle. You need to remember a few more things to keep you safe in the sheets.

  • Don't store condoms in a glove box or in your wallet, condoms hate heat! Also, don't use condoms past the expiration date and don't open condoms with your teeth. Keep them handy in your nightstand. For nights away, it is ok to keep condoms in your pocket for a day or so but no longer as condoms hate heat!

  • If you're using a Latex condom, don't use oil-based lubrication such as skin lotions, baby oil, Vaseline® or cold cream - the oil in these products weakens the Latex. Always use water based or latex compatible lubricants with Latex condoms. If you must use oil based lubricants use polyurethane condoms, these are safe to use with oil.
  • Timing is everything. Make sure you're fully aroused before you try to put on the condom. It's a good idea to be kneeling or standing while putting on a condom as this helps maintain blood flow and your erection. If you're using a flavored or non-latex condom and she's in a playful mood, you can have her apply the condom with her mouth to really get the action started. Don't try this with standard condoms unless she likes the taste of oily rubber.

  • When it's go time, start slow. See how shallow and slow you can go before she pulls you all in. This will give you both a chance to actually feel something before you go crazy and the anticipation will drive her wild as well.

  • If at any time during battle your Soldier is ambushed (the condom breaks or comes off), stop immediately and pull out. Wash your Captain and put on a new condom. If the condom comes off make sure you find it, if it's no where to be found it is most like still inside your partner and she will need to take five to take care of this situation.

  • After your Soldier has won his battle (after intercourse), you should hold the condom at the base and pull out slowly. This should be done while your Soldier is still at attention.

  • Throw away the used condom in the trash, not the toilet. If you choose the toilet they will come back to haunt you some day. Trust me, the last thing you want plugging your plumbing is used condoms!

In Closing.

Condoms have evolved substantially over the last 10 years and surely there is a perfect condom for everyone. As long as you take the time to experiment and have fun with it you should have no problem finding the best condom for you. If you just don't care and just want to try some of the best condoms without all the fuss, we would highly recommend trying the Best of the Best condom sampler from America's Condom Superstore. It has some of the best condoms on the market voted on by customers and National magazines.

Stay Safe and let the good times roll!

Bill Haney
Bill Haney


Bill is President / CEO of RipNRoll Inc. and a regular contributor at Entrepreneur, Businessman and Father, Bill has kept up his goal of "Protecting the Planet one condom at a time" since 1996

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