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The 10 best Large Condoms: A Bigger, Roomier Condom May Be Your Answer

by Bill Haney January 01, 2018

The 10 best Large Condoms: A Bigger, Roomier Condom May Be Your Answer

10 best large condoms

by Bill Haney - President/CEO, America's Condom Superstore.

Updated 3-07-2019

Here at America's Condom Superstore, we have been in the "Rubber Business" so to speak for over 20 years now. We have seen hundreds of condom brands as well as thousands of condom styles, shapes and sizes come and go over the last 2 decades. Condoms come in so many different varieties that you almost need a degree in engineering to buy the condom that's right for you.

Today we will address the "Larger Condoms" and what we feel are the 10 best large condoms on the market today (as of October 2016)

Weekly we get questions from our valued customers just like the one from James in Miami.

"Dear Rip n Roll, I have a hard time finding large condoms in my area. It seems like all I can find are Trojan Magnum and Magnum XL condoms. Unfortunately I don't like either one. They usually break or feel to tight in the headroom region, what would you recommend for me and my girlfriend? - James"

Well James, yours is not a unique problem, and actually yours is one of the most common questions we receive. mainly because very few brick and mortar retailers carry the great assortment of large condoms that a larger endowed man actually requires.

Statistics show that 15%-20% of men surveyed actually need a bigger or roomier condom. You would think with all these larger than average men out there the stores would catch a clue. When a condom is too tight or constricting, the user will experience discomfort and there is a greater potential of the condom breaking.

Using a larger condom that fits properly will make your experience more enjoyable and give you piece of mind knowing the condom is less likely to break – allowing you and your partner both to focus on each other and not the discomfort of a condom that is too small.

Fortunately, here at America's Condom Superstore, we have a huge selection of larger sized condoms. There are lots of options to choose from but we will outline here the top 10 large condoms we feel are the best on the market today. If you are unsure of "Your Condom Size" check out our condom size chart to help you determine the right size condom for you.


  1. NEW Mega Big Boy CondomsA brand new Large condom to hit the US Market. This new condom is touted as the Largest condom available in the US. Designed by Beyond Seven, the new Mega Big Boy is longer and wider than other large condoms.  Beyond Seven condoms are manufactured by the Okamoto company a Japanese condom company known for their extra strong, extra thin condoms.

  2. ONE Legend Large condoms It’s ONE big world and so are you. A pumped-up version of the Classic ONE condom, it’s both wider and longer, because one size doesn't always fit all. Cutting edge design packaging in a round condom foil with different art designs on each condom package makes One Brand condoms very unique.

  3. Durex XXL CondomsAnd the longest condom award goes to.......Durex XXL.  The Durex XXL condom is almost a full inch and a half longer than the Magnum XL, the former largest Trojan condom. The Magnum XL is still a bit wider than the Durex XXL, but if you are looking for length the XXL condom is for you.
  4. Lifestyles Skyn Large non latex CondomsThe first & only condom made from Polyisoprene, a revolutionary NEW Non-Latex material that Provides a totally natural feeling for both partners. Flexible material makes the Skyn condom extremely comfortable. An ultra smooth, long-lasting lubricant enhances the pleasure for both partners.  DO NOT USE OIL BASED LUBRICANTS WITH POLYISOPRENE AS THIS WILL DAMAGE THE CONDOM

  5. Kimono Microthin XL -  The Crowned Jewel of XL Condoms, these XL Extra Large Kimono condoms have earned the Crown of the "Thinnest Extra Large Latex Condom" the perfect large condoms if you're looking for feeling. It won't feel like a garbage bag is on your junk with these new microthin XL.

  6. Lifestyles Kyng Condoms - Lifestyles KYNG sized oversized condoms are Lifestyles newest larger sized condom. These condoms were made to fill the gap where the Lifestyles King XL left off. Larger from head to toe a great large condom from Ansell, Lifestyles Brand.

  7. Trojan Magnum Ecstasy condomsfill the needed gap for larger sized condoms with no nipple end. Magnum Ecstasy condoms are first large condoms from Trojan without the reservoir end. Trojan Magnum Ecstasy is also Tapered at the base for a secure fit as well as Deep ribs at base  to increase stimulation. 
  8. Trojan Magnum THIN condoms - Filling the needed gap for larger sized thin condoms. Magnum Thin are the first thin large condoms from Trojan. Still with the same Magnum condoms size but thinner than regular Magnum condoms for sensitivity. Tapered at the base for a secure fit.

  9. Trojan Magnum XL condoms - One of the largest condoms that we carry here at Rip n Roll. Wide and long it is a considerable large sized condom even more spacious than the standard Magnum. Designed for men who feel an average or large condom is still too small, The XL has a tapered base for a more secure fit. Trojan’s Magnum XLs are 30% wider than average sized condoms.

  10. Trojan Magnum Bareskin CondomsThe thinnest MAGNUM™ condom, designed to provide heightened sensitivity and comfort. Larger than standard latex condoms for extra comfort, Wider, contoured shape for added comfort, Tapered at the base for a secure fit, Silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity. Special reservoir end for extra safety.

  11. BONUS LARGE CONDOM - Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condoms - I know I said 10 best but here is a little bonus....The Ribbed MAGNUM™ condom, designed to provide heightened sensitivity and comfort. With Spiral ribbing toward the tip to increase stimulation for his most sensitive area and Spiral ribbing toward the open end to increase stimulation for her most sensitive area.

If you are new to the larger condoms scene, we suggest trying our Large condoms assortment sampler

So there you have it. Hopefully this was all the information you needed to determine what is the best Large condom for your larger than average penis. If you are still unsure of which bigger condom is right for you, Give us a call, we will be glad to help you decide. If you are too scared to buy condoms in a store, we are sure you will enjoy buying condoms online, in the privacy of your home, from

Stay Safe and let the good times unroll.

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Bill Haney
Bill Haney


Bill is President / CEO of RipNRoll Inc. and a regular contributor at Entrepreneur, Businessman and Father, Bill has kept up his goal of "Protecting the Planet one condom at a time" since 1996

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