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The New Condom Revolution

by RipNRoll Condoms May 29, 2015

"New Condoms start a revolution in the condom industry sparking rumors of enhanced pleasure"

Remember for a moment the last time you were with that perfect someone. The mood was right, the music was perfect, the atmosphere was picturesque. Everything was in a groove, you could almost touch the libido and testosterone in the air. Then it happened, the moment of pure fear! Damn!............. time for the condom!

Well, let me tell you, those moments of terror are over. 'Tis the day of "The New Condom Revolution" where the world is a better place, where safety and pleasure live as one and new condoms have found a place in the hearts of millions. It seems the new condom industry is having a rebound of sorts, a rebirth you might say. The introduction of the "New" condoms has had such a profound impact on the safe sex market that even "Wal-Mart" is taking note. We can't tell you why the manufacturers have taken so long to finally produce a new condom worth wearing, we can only thank them and beg for more.

The story of the New Condom Revolution begins with the invasion of the Japanese condoms on the US market in the early 90's, just about the time Rip n Roll was in it's infancy. New condoms like Beyond Seven, Crown condoms and Kimono Microthin condoms started ruffling the feathers of the big boys like Carter Wallace and Ansell. These new condoms were much thinner than the condoms of old. Why these new condoms actually felt natural like a skinless skin, people were finally feeling pleasure when they had sex.

Ansell retaliated with it's Lifestyles Xtra Pleasure condom. Sporting a dome-like head and touted as being a friction enhancer, the Xtra Pleasure was a hit from day one. Carter Wallace quickly followed suit with it's version of the friction enhancer, the Trojan Ultra Pleasure. Although not as drastic of a shape as the Lifestyles Xtra Pleasure, the Trojan Ultra Pleasure also debuted with cheers of approval. The gates were now open, the battle had begun.

Back In the early 1990's, an ingenious Indian physician by the name of Dr. Alla Venkata Krishna Reddy changed the shape of condoms forever. Dr Reddy stated that "if you developed a condom with more pleasure, people would use it regularly". Dr. A.V.K. Reddy, whom the New York Times called the "Leonardo da Vinci" of condoms spent countless hours developing a new condom that would stimulate the nerve endings in a mans penis in the exact location to provide the most significant sensation and pleasure. The Pleasure Plus condom was born.

The Pleasure Plus condom featured a dynamic-action pouch. The pouch at the head of the new condom provided room and comfort unlike the tight confining feeling of ordinary condoms. Meanwhile the extra rolling folds of the pouch also moved against the underbelly of the penis head creating a pleasing natural friction against the most sensitive areas

."All that rubbing was the next best thing to skin on skin – for me and my partner. A must-try. Sensitivity rating: A+" --Men's Health Magazine

Pleasure Plus Condoms were a huge hit outselling other condoms and quickly setting a standard by which other companies would follow. Unfortunately no sooner than the Pleasure Plus appeared it quickly vanished from the market. Plagued by financial troubles, Reddy's company went bankrupt. Reddy, owing money to a slew of creditors and as part of his bankruptcy proceedings, sold the rights to the Pleasure Plus condom. Global Protection Corp a Boston based company reintroduced the Pleasure Plus condom in the summer of '99 and now owns the rights and oversees the manufacturing of the condoms.

Dr. Reddy, who lives in Chennai, India, and Plainsboro, N.J., went back to the drawing board and designed a new condom masterpiece, the Inspiral condom, which he now calls "the best condom I've created." The Inspiral actually has several patents, one being the only "spring action spiral shaped" condom on the market. The Inspiral condoms which debuted in the summer of '99 have a spiral shape unlike the Pleasure Plus condom which causes the curves of this spiral shape to create a sliding sensation all around the tip of the penis. The Inspiral is part condom part toy...the Condomtoy™ condom.

Meanwhile back in 1995, Durex was busy introducing the world's first polyurethane condom for men, the Durex Avanti condoms. Avanti quickly rose to the top of the condom market by consistently ranking among the world's most popular brands. Known for it's unique benefits, it is heat conductive (warms to the body's temperature), has no taste or odor, and, unlike latex, can be used safely with oil-based lubricants and is designed for those who are allergic to latex.

Well, Trojan has finally come out with a polyurethane condom of their own, the Trojan Supra condoms. Trojan's Supra is very similar to the Avanti in many ways however, the Supra is a bit wider while being softer and more comfortable. Most noticeable though is the Supra's completely clear microsheer polyurethane, making it the world's first truly clear almost invisible condom! Trojan initially made the Supra with Spermicide, but decided this was not the best idea and now the Supra is spermicide free! Read why Rip n Roll does not sell condoms or lubricants with Nonoxynol-9 spermicide?

And now we have even more contenders for the King of all Condoms throne. The Trojan Extended Pleasure, introduced in 2001, was the first condom containing a delaying lubricant to prolong a man's staying power.

Update to the mid 2000's The new Trojan warming condoms were introduced and designed again with both partners in mind. The warming lubricant, contained on the condom, heats up and creates excitement for both partners this makes for extra stimulation for him as well as for her.

2008 will be remembered as the year of the shape! Intellx the makers of Inspiral introduced their new line-up of "Shaped Condoms". The New shapes included the image changing YourTube condoms and the new Dolphin condoms. With their new patented shape technology, Intellx is able to produce virtually any shape and get FDA approval.

Also new in 2008 is a brand new condom material called Polyisoprene condoms which will hit the market at the end of June. This material will be the perfect choice for latex sensitive users and people who do not like the plastic feel of the polyurethane condoms. There are currently 2 condoms on the market that use Polyisoprene, they are Durex Avanti Bare and Lifestyles SKYN.

So there you have it, the "New Condom Revolution". It's been a long hard battle for supremacy but it looks like we have a true winner and that winner is you the consumer. The new condom shapes and sizes along with the advancements in technology in the condom industry have made for some pretty exciting safe sex lately. So when it comes time to reach for the best condom have no fear. The condom reviews say that If you aren't feeling sensational down there, you just haven't found the right condom for you yet. But trust me you will!

"Stay Safe and let the good times Roll"

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