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Are Custom Printed Condom Wrappers a Good Idea for Promotion?

by Bill Haney May 09, 2019

custom printed condom wrappers


Before we get into the meat of this article we want to preface it with a quick background of our company RipNRoll Inc. RipNRoll is a condom company established way back in 1996. We were one of the first online retailers selling condoms and our first ever order was actually a mail-order purchase paid for by a money order. That was a long time ago... hundreds of millions of condoms ago actually.

Condoms have come a long way since we started way back then. More has changed than just the shapes, sizes, flavors, textures and materials, the actual uses of the condoms themselves is ever evolving and the change is quite exciting. The main change we are addressing in this article is the use of condoms for promotion. Promotional condoms, or "Printed Condoms" are exploding in the marketplace not just for the novelty of the product but also for the messages they are promoting. No matter how you look at it, printed condoms are helping remove the stigma and taboo associated with condoms of the past. Whether they are handed out at conventions, parades, block parties or concerts, the point is that they ARE being handed out and we feel that is a good thing!


What is a Custom Printed Condom?

If you have never seen a custom Printed Condom, you probably have no idea what they are?? Basically we take a roll blank foil, run it through a printing press that prints a logo or message on the foil, insert the condoms, seal the package and perforate between the individual condoms for easy separation. All of this from beginning to end takes a very short time so this makes for a great promotional product if it's needed quickly. The foil colors available for printing are White, Black, Gold and Red and the colors we print on the foils are unlimited as we print in 4 color process as well as spot colors.

What are the different types of Customized condoms?

Over the years there have been  several different types of custom condoms on the market. We have sold Custom Labeled condoms, Custom Matchbook Condoms, Jollypop Condoms, Custom Foil wrapper condoms as well as custom condom keychains. We also now offer custom printed buttercup condom pods.

Since we began selling promotional condoms back in 1996, we have come to find out the best selling and most requested custom condoms are the direct print foil  wrapper condoms 


Are Promotional Condoms Safe?

Our Promotional condoms are all FDA approved for disease and pregnancy prevention and go thru the same rigorous testing as any condom you will find in a  store or pharmacy. The only difference in the actual condom wrapper is that it will have a clever message or logo on it instead of a brand logo like Trojan, Lifestyles or Durex. The funny thing is that even though it doesn't have a big brand name on the warpper, the condoms are actually manufactured in the same exact Manufacturing plants that some of the Big Brands are made in. Most all condoms are produced overseas in Malaysia, Thialand etc as this is where the Latex is widely manufactured due to the availability or rubber trees (the main contributor to latex condoms)


What's the difference between store-bought condoms and condoms with my logo?

The only difference in store bought condoms versus condoms designed by you is the message on the condom. As mentioned above, there is no Big Brand Name on the condom, instead there is your message on a condom. The wrapper may be different but the condoms inside the custom wrapper are still the same FDA approved condoms


What can I print on the condoms wrapper? What works best?

When customizing a condom wrapper you should keep in mind that the print area is pretty small. Sometimes less is more when it comes to printing on a condom wrapper. You wouldn't want to try and write a book, rather a few tag lines that make a statement for your organization, company or cause. Granted you can print anything you want to on the wrapper but it would be best to keep it simple and to the point. 


What kind of companies use Custom-Condoms?

 Every company you can imagine literally! We have printed hundreds of thousands of condoms over the last 20 years and for every type of company imaginable. The below list is just a small spinet of companies we have printed for. Custom condoms are like a business card except people don't throw these away like business cards. Most people keep the promotional condoms and usually show them to other people.

A Few Custom Printed Condom Slogans

Here are a few taglines companies have used over the years. There is always an opportunity for a laugh.

Health organizations – we’ve got you covered!
Truckers - Let us carry your next load
Nightclubs – Rock out with your cock out!
Insurance agencies – stick with us and you won’t get screwed!
Restaurants – I got crabs at the seafood Café!
Movie studios – Big the movie
Record companies we printed for – Ludacris, Snoop Dog, Kiss, Steel Panther, Tegan and Sara
Lumber yards – our boards are the stiffest!  Got Wood? Get Nailed!
Airlines – mile high club
Web retailers – let us help you expand
Magazines – Covering the entire US
Video game manufacturers – we offer a better experience
Accounting firms – let us expand your business
Construction companies – and you thought all we laid was asphalt!  get nailed!
Got Wood?
Car dealerships – roll one out for a test drive
Harley Dealerships – King of the road and bedroom!
Real estate agencies – protection for what matters most
Colleges – Rush Week, Rush Pike, etc
Fishing charter companies – For when you land the tuna! We catch more than blowfish!
Beverage makers – I got Tapped,
TV shows – The dickhead show
Bicycle shops – wear a helmet
Cigar stores – we really blow
Computer companies – Virus stoppers, Geeks get it on to
Liquor companies – licker in the rear
Trucking companies – let us carry your next load
Utilities – stop poking around call 811
Political candidates – Either way you’re getting screwed
Law firms - our customers come first
Financial services, Jewelry stores – protect your family jewels
Irrigation companies – let us lay some pipe
Wedding planners – thanks for coming, what will it take to make you come?
Warning Bachelor expires on 05-15-2017
Demolition companies – We bang or ball anything
Roofing companies – some things shouldn’t leak
Pest control, Pool maintenance – We plug your holes
Chroming companies – cover your bumber before you hump her 

Condoms Custom Printed, are indeed a Great advertising alternative.

If you are looking for a great out of the box alternative to the old boring and stale marketing campaigns, try printing your own message on a condom. Promotional condoms also called, designer condoms, specialized condoms, design your own condom, Custom Label Condoms, funny condoms, logo condoms, foil wrapper condoms, personalized condoms, etc. etc. are one of the most cost effective advertising alternatives. It makes a great statement, get's people talking, helps promote a positive message and definitely demands attention. Not to mention custom condoms also promote responsible sexual safety...after all they really are just condoms with a message.

Stay Safe and Let the Good times Roll.


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Bill Haney
Bill Haney


Bill is President / CEO of RipNRoll Inc. and a regular contributor at Entrepreneur, Businessman and Father, Bill has kept up his goal of "Protecting the Planet one condom at a time" since 1996

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